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Whether a start-up or a giant, our hosting services have you covered

No matter what you do, taking a business online is not an easy job. We know that, and so, we promise to take on the most frustrating part - taking care of your website hosting needs, and calibrating, as your business evolves. Leave the tech-dirty lot to us, and set yourself free for the more important things.

Best Dedicated Servers Hosting

Business types of the sorts of e-commerce, need hosting space to entertain exponential growth. And then there are needs of safety and a reasonable price. We got it!

Starting At

2999 /mo

Linux Hosting

When security and cost are giving you sleepless nights, we reckon, go Linux. It’s cheap, network friendly, reliable and scalable. What more could you need?

Starting At

80 /mo

Wordpress Hosting

Wordpress is just amazing. It’s user-friendly, has a ton of free stuff, beautiful paid stuff worth every pie you pay. Host IT Smart cheap wordpress hosting makes it, all the more worthwhile.

Starting At

80 /mo

VPS Hosting

Sometimes, you need it all, just to yourself, so that you have the confidence to grow. If that’s you, you need the best VPS hosting - as good as a private server, at much less the cost.

Starting At

300 /mo

Windows Hosting

ASP, ASP.NET and SQL server users, time for you to grab the golden egg! Host IT Smart Windows hosting plans come with features and benefits, that can set your business full throttle.

Starting At

100 /mo

Linux Reseller Hosting

Take your business off speed-breaker mode today. Our reseller hosting packages are devised to handle your reseller business growth, without letting you feel scalability pressure.

Starting At

2500 /mo

Web Hosting Support available 7 days a week

Our Web Server specialists speak several languages and are specially trined to answer all your questions quickly and efficiently.
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