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Web Hosting : Frequently Asked Questions!

Web Hosting on an overview refers to a service system that enables a particular organisation or individual to post or publish a website or a web page on the web such that it can be viewed and accessed via through the internet. These websites are hosted and stored on the servers allowing the users to view and access your website by just typing its domain name in the browser. It mainly refers to the physical location of your Website on the Web which functions as an online platform that collects and stores the data, information, content, images, videos and anything that comprises to make your website. 

Technically, web hosting refers to the process of providing online storage space for a certain website or application on a particular server on the internet.

Once this website has been put up on the server, it is made available to the viewers and can be accessed by other computers which are connected to the internet.

On an overview, there are 8 prominent types of Web Hosting Services available in the market. These can be characterized into the following types:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Virtually Private Server Hosting (VPS Web Hosting)
  • Dedicated Server Web Hosting
  • Self-Service Web Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting provides you space on a server that is shared with other users. By sharing server space with others, you also split the costs of using the server, but this may not be ideal for a website that caters to a large audience.

WordPress Hosting can be any type of server hosting that has been configured for hosting WordPress websites. This type of hosting offers great performance and does not require you to be versed with the technical know-how, but it is only for hosting WordPress Websites.

The kind of web hosting that you need is predominantly dependent o the kind  of website that you have and the kind of budget that you can spare for the same. 

It can be looked into as a general rule that for starters, shared hosting can be  the best option. HostItSmart offers the kind of shared hosting that can be  suitable for any kind of websites. We come with the option of minimal fees in  the early days of hosting your website where you can access to only the  resources that you actually need and are payable only for their outstanding  amount.

You can always upgrade to better plans once your website starts to take off and increase the number of resources put in.

But at the end of the day, technically every website is different and needs to be treated in a different way. You can feel free to get in touch with our support  team who would guide you for the same and enable you to make specific,  personalized decisions based on the subjective needs of your website.

Absolutely not. Host IT Smart was initially envisioned to provide the best performance hosting for especially those small businesses that could not afford the heavy expenses incurred whilst going online. Our hosting offers fast load times with a 99.9% up-time guarantee, and we aim to continue providing our best services to everyone who wishes to have a website.

While some technical knowledge will help you a great deal, you do not need any for hosting your website. Easy to use control panels and tools are widely available that you can use to manage your hosting

You can easily set up your web hosting account within a minute

Let our team of experts assist with the migration. Chat with us or give us a call now!

You may host your website on either Linux or Windows Operating System-based hosting depending upon your requirements. You should not choose a Server OS only because your systems happen to run on that OS. While they will both capably take care of all your basic functionalities, you will need to go with Windows Hosting if you plan on using Microsoft offered technologies like MS-SQL databases, ASP.NET, or .NET Core. Linux is open-source, so it will likely be a more affordable option.

If you are a small business on a budget, the most affordable option for you would be Shared Hosting. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting is optimal for you if you seek performance with future growth potential at relatively low costs.

Yes, application installations are supported as long as the installation requirements of the application are compatible with your hosting package specifications.

Yes, you may upgrade your hosting plans whenever you decide.

Connect with our team whenever you feel it’s time to upgrade.

Yes, we provide Solid State Drive Hosting that comes with great speed and security.

The term Bandwidth in computer networking basically refers to the kind of  data rate supported by a certain network connection or interface. There are  multiple web hosting companies that offer a variety of bandwidth options along with their plans ranging from 1 GB to 100 GB whereas some even go ahead  to offer an unlimited bandwidth. The term Website Hosting Bandwidth mainly refers to the rate at which certain data can be transferred between a website and the computers that are connected to it within a stipulated period of time and the packages are normally calculated on a monthly basis.

One of the main features that clients look for in a Web Hosting is the Web Space. The Web Space is also referred to as the storage space or the disk  space. It can be understood as the amount of space on the web browser  which is specifically allocated to the owners of the website by the Web  Hosting provider. It mainly consists of all the text files, images, scripts,  databases, emails and any other files related to the website.

MySQL is mainly an Oracle-backed open source relational database  management system based on the Structured Query Language (SQL).  Though MySQL can run on all platforms, it is mostly associated with web applications.

Yes, both Softaculous and WordPress Accounts are available.

This totally depends on your use…

Do you want to start a blog? – Start with Shared Hosting and move to VPS or Cloud as it grows

Do you want to launch an e-commerce website with a WooCommerce plugin? – Start with VPS

The best attribute of WordPress websites is their flexibility to take on all the roles and responsibilities that you wish. The size of these responsibilities dictates the type of Hosting you should go for.

cPanel is a web hosting control panel with easy-to-use tools that helps with hosting management and administration of a website without any programming. cPanel is only usable for Linux Hosting.

Plesk is a similar web-hosting control panel that facilitates administration and management of both Linux and Windows Hosted sites.

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