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AWS Support & Managed Services

As you all know the name AWS in IT space, but deploying the application on this is a bit worrisome for most of the organizations but take it easy with us, as we are here to help you with our competence by assisting you configuring various instances.

We are thrilled to bring our expertise to you in the cloud design and management! TRY IT NOW! We are an exclusive AWS Cloud computing organization which aims for the various type of AWS Cloud Services. We have dedicated a team for Solution Architect, DevOps, Migration. It is a one-stop AWS Cloud Solution organization.

  • AWS Migration & Strategy
  • AWS Technical Support & Monitoring
  • AWS Security & Compliance Management
  • AWS Devops Automation
  • Database Migration And Management
  • AWS Cost Optimization
AWS Services

HostITSmart help you for the below

Optimization to save cost

Reducing cost is likely your need which may have influenced you to move towards the cloud technology. But it requires someone to analyze your AWS configuration regularly, looking for options to reduce cost and give the best performance needed.

Migrating to AWS

AWS is one of the best cloud platform you can find in the market but without experience it's intimidating and overwhelming to move from any other platform to AWS. As you take the critical first step into the cloud we can help you with our experience and standard methods to mitigate any interruption or risk in the deployment process.


It's really a challenge to get someone in-house with expertise on AWS who can set up the infrastructure you need without risk. We have AWS technical experts who work with you as you have them in-house.

What we do?

We assist neoteric as well as mature businesses of all sizes in managing the below listed Amazon Web Services:

  • Deployment of ongoing products
  • AWS EC2 Instance management
  • AWS ELB/ALB management
  • AWS Auto Scaling management
  • AWS Elastic IP
  • AWS Security Group management
  • AWS VPC management
  • AWS Route53 management
  • AWS S3 management
  • AWS RDS management
  • AWS EBS management
  • AWS Glassier management
  • AWS Lambda management
  • AWS IAM management
  • AWS Elastic Cache management
  • AWS Cloud Watch management
  • AWS Beanstalk management
  • AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • AWS Amazon Elastic Container Registry
  • AWS CloudFront

  • AWS CodeCommit
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodePipeline (CI/CD)
  • AWS WAF and Shield

Why Choose us as your AWS Manager?

  • 24*7 Support
  • Certified Technical Expertise
  • Affordable and Constructive Solutions
  • Proactive Approach
  • Scalable Results

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