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VPS Hosting

Consistent hosting performance for rapidly growing businesses

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Dedicated Servers

Minimum Cost and Maximum Control

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Resilient, high quality and robust hardware

We take great pride in the hardware we use for our dedicated servers. Thoroughly tested Rack servers manufactured by HP or Dell, are exclusively used. To take the greatest care of your data, all our servers come with minimum two hard disks with SAS 1500 by default with RAID1 enabled, making sure you get the best IOPS for Enterprise computing where high speed and high availability are crucial. With server having inbuilt RAID card with BBU on its motherboard your data is also redundant.

Our Datacenter

Locally hosted websites promise superior reliability. So, we accepted the challenge of setting up our Server Farm in an Indian location for high end corporate companies, of course, keeping budget in mind. All our data center locations are power and network redundant, promising unhindered functioning of servers, since the day they are switched on.

Remote Management with IP KVM

All our servers have inbuilt IP KVM, so that you can control your server as if you are physically present in front of the server. Reboot the server, absolutely worry-free, as you see the whole process starting from the BIOS process till the Operating System is fully loaded.

Managed Services Available

We have a team of qualified and experienced server administrators that takes care of your server installation requirements. We can help you install basic to advance software with our managed server support.

Don’t believe us yet. Let’s see where our VPS hosting plans stand among competition.

Better Pricing • Fast SSD Storage • Hack-free Protection • Real 24/7 Technical Support
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Plan Performance Enhanced Value Snappy 4000 Value VPS Server Plan 2 Level 2 Linux 2GB Global VPS - B
Price $ 7/mo $ 29.18/mo $ 18.96/mo $ 49.56/mo $ 24.82/mo $ 13.82/mo $ 10.22/mo $ 26.94/mo $ 39.42/mo
HardDisk 65GB 60GB HDD 60GB 165GB 50GB 40GB 50GB 60GB 150GB
Bandwidth 4TB 2TB Unlimited 2TB 750GB 2TB 1TB 2TB Unlimited
Pre-installed panel Optional
Processor Core 3 2 2 2 2 2 1 3 2
Free SSL 1 Year
Server management console
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