9 Popular Types of Websites

9 Popular Types of Websites

In this social media and internet era, one of the best ways to gather the attention of people is to have a good on-screen image. And a website is a very important aspect of it. People spend more time in front of a screen these days than on other things. Whether we have to read stuff or do shopping or collect news, our first preference is the internet.

So a website helps you market your product, services, or skills online and allows it to reach a broader audience in a very lesser time. But there are millions of websites out there. So what kind of website you should create or what kind of website is best for you?

How to decide what website you should create?

What kind of cloth you should wear depends upon what kind of occasion you are wearing it for. The same goes for websites. What kind of website you should make depends upon what kind of business, skill, art you want to represent and how you want to represent it.

For example, if you wish to sell products online, you might want to consider making an eCommerce website or if you want to make a website for promoting entertainment content, then you would probably want to have an entertainment website.

Before finalizing what is best for you, let’s first have a look at a few major types of websites to get you a better idea of what suits your needs the best.

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Different Types of Website

1. Business Website

A business website is a website that represents a business or multiple businesses. If you own a business or planning to start one, you can go for a business website.

Business Website

A good business website contains all the necessary information about a business, its products, its past works, its services, and contact information. Portfolio website, brochure website can be its subcategories.

A business website helps people to get to know all about your business at one place and contact you easily for their needs.

Velasca.com, shwoodshop.com are a few examples of it.

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2. E-commerce website

An E-commerce website is a website where you can buy products and make transactions. For example, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

E-commerce website

It is a type of business website and generally contains detail about products, their images, and a transaction feature. Any website where you can buy a product and make a payment for it, falls into this category.

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3. Personal Website

People create a personal website to demonstrate their art or share their thoughts or display their skills.

Personal Website

Basically on a personal website, content is very personal in nature and not organizational or related to a company. It need not involve the money factor i.e. it may be monetarily profitable in nature or it may not be.

joeykidney.com is an example of a personal website.

4. Entertainment Website

An entertainment website is a website whose sole purpose is to provide entertaining content. Netflix, Tvfplay, primevideo.com are a few examples of it.

Entertainment Website

Entertainment website makes the most of their money through advertisements and often represents an entertainment company.

5. Educational Website

An educational website majorly features educational content on its wall. They might sell online courses or provide you with information about educational careers or institutions.

Educational Website

They may be profitable in nature or may not be. Byjus, udemy.com, are a few examples of it. Educational websites help to represent an educational institute or promote online learning.

6. Non-profit Website

A non-profit website helps donors to check the authenticity of a non-profit organization and make the donation easily.

Non-profit Website

It should contain details about the organization and the cause for donation to motivate more people to donate.

Ketto.com is an example of a non-profit website.

7. Media Website


The media website contains news, reports and may or may not represent a media company. They also make a profit via advertisements generally and are aimed to provide genre-specific or general news/reports.

bbc.com is an example of it.

8. Social Media Website

Social Media Website

This type of website helps people to connect with other people online, share pictures, send messages, and more. Facebook.com, twitter.com are a few examples of it. These sites make money through ad campaigns and other tools.

9. Web portal

A web portal contains information from various sources and displays them in one place. A person can click on one section then to know more about it. Usually, web portals have a log-in feature so that it can be more specific to the needs of people.

Web portal

To design a web portal is a very complicated thing and therefore it becomes necessary to hire an experienced and skilled programmer for it.

Education portals, patient portals, government portals all fall into this category.

Decide what type of website is suitable for you?

Just like the occasion decides the wearing, your expectations from your website and the goal you wish to achieve decide what kind of website you should make.

  • If you want to establish an online presence of your business, you can go for a business website, portfolio website, or brochure website.
  • If you want to showcase your personal skills, art or share your thoughts, you can go for a personal website that can include a blog website, portfolio website, or other.
  • If you are running a non-profit organization then your website structure should be more like a non-profit website with a safe transaction feature. Include details of your organization and the cause for donation to motivate people for charity.
  • To represent educational institutes or to offer online courses or learning, an educational website is best suited. The structure helps you offer more relevant information in a simplified manner.
  • A media website is best suited for a media company to gather people’s attention and share news and reportings.

Similarly, analyze your goal first and then choose a type of site from above that matches your goal the best.

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