GTLD? What’s that stuff? And why do I need it?


There is a whole new aura about it and although GTLD’s have not yet been adequately promoted in the market, they are very much there, burning pockets deeper than conventional TLD’s do. Demand for GTLD’s is escalating high and there is a valid reason for it; despite the extra bucks that they claim. So what are these GTLD’s after all? And why is it advisable for a business to have a GTLD?

We all currently know about TLD’s. There are several of them, .com, .net, .co, .org being some of the most widely used. Every business has a website (almost), that ends with a .com or .org. GTLD’s are a novel introduction. While TLD’s are highly general (businesses dealing with anything on earth can have a .com!), GTLD’s pertain to specific businesses. Like if your own a wine retail, you would preferably be going, instead of .com.

There are two strong positives about GTLD’s.

1. First, they are specific. So when you have .wine, people searching for wine would easily find you. That word is there, right in your url, no matter what your retail shop is named! So you see, you do not need to worry about the branding part! You would not have to think about a word that signifies anything remotely related to wine! You can name your retail shop whatever you want, it would still be .wine!

There is however a small refutation here. GTLD’s cost you more than TLD’s, though there are a few of them, which are available at highly competitive prices. Do you seriously believe that your business, needs it at all? If it does, what is the specific GTLD that you would necessarily need?

domain extensions

2. Second, there is always this problem of domain availability!

Here is an interesting story. Many of us might be aware of Amazon’s FireTV? Now FireTV is something that would allow live streaming on your TV and you can watch Hulu, Netflix and Amazon content. Well, going into the technicality is not very relevant here. But the important part is, when they went for booking the name on the World Wide Web, they found out that was already being used by (please don’t laugh) a porn site! Wow! Ain’t that a shock for Amazon? Well, they dealt with it and named their web address as What if there was a GTLD named .livestreaming? So they could have named it www.firetv.livestreaming! Makes sense?

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GTLD’s make availability problem disappear into thin air. No matter how common your business name be, you would always have a chance to use it with a GTLD attached to it! Cool! Ain’t it?

So these were two good reasons you should think about buying a GTLD! Call us up! We can give you more reasons when we know more about your business! Host IT Smart could be your next GTLD registrar!