What is Dedicated Server? Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting


Big businesses, frequented e-commerce websites and portals that entertain a large number of consumer requests daily have distinct technical requirements than do start-ups and mid-sized enterprises. And all these different technicalities play a pivotal role in deciding the degree of success that these websites would witness in months and years of operation.

Server and hosting are two such things. As a responsible business, having a kitty-full of customers to attend to, you should be aware of how much you are investing and what you are investing in. Here are a few things you need to know about dedicated servers.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server or more specifically speaking, dedicated hosting is the kind of hosting service that entitles you to an entire server and its facilities. No sharing to any degree is ever involved. The software and hardware possessions of the server are yours. You can use its various modules for your desired purpose.

Dedicated Server hosting

Typically, any hosting provider would help you set up Linux or Unix on your dedicated server and you can have it up and running completely at your will. A dedicated server can be rebooted as and when required and the software that it is running on can be completely customized.

A dedicated server also promises complete ownership of the hardware. Memory space, hard drive, storage capacity, network access and processing power of a dedicated server would completely belong to you. No other business would be allowed to utilize your hardware or software provisions if you are in for the dedicated server.

E-commerce businesses that invariably receive thousands of requests each day are recommended to go for a dedicated server facility when they are looking towards getting hassle-free hosting.

3 Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated hosting would definitely cost you a lot more than shared hosting and a bit more than VPS hosting. But with the kind of results that it offers, it is definitely worth the investment. Here are three proven benefits of having your business website hosted on a dedicated server.


This is the best advantage of having a dedicated server. Since space and bandwidth are all your’s, you can do a real lot with your website and still have it running 24×7. This is the most prominent problem faced by businesses which are hosted on shared servers. Performance of a website is compromised with because the server cannot always deal with a load of all websites running together.

In such a case, if the support provided by the web host is not good, your website might face a setback for as long a time as half our, to extreme cases like 4-5 hours. Imagine the kind of potential business that you miss when such events arise. A dedicated server simply erases off any such possibility.


A dedicated server precisely means that the sensitive information of all the populace, making transactions on your website are between you and your host. Though shared servers also promise security of data, a dedicated server does not leave any chance for data contamination.

There is no third party that is hosted on the same server as yours, hence your data faces no incidence of accidental leaking or manipulation!

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This is one of the biggest positives of a dedicated server. You can customize the modules entirely to the tune of your business requirements. Shared servers require a level of rigidity because the web host has to keep the average need in prospect while designing the configuration of the server.

Since a dedicated server is all yours, your host would be more than happy to configure it according to your requirements.

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