Am I at loss without a website?

Am I at loss without a website

Precisely, not much! Just a few thousand more customers each day, all the 365 days of the year and practically no customers for at least 52 days in a year (assuming that you enjoy your Sunday siesta). While a website does not guarantee a 1000% more sale, it definitely guarantees the owner a 1000% more exposure! So maybe you are just missing on that kind of exposure without a website, representing your business.    

A website armors a business with hundreds of motivating forces apart from the products or services that would inspire purchases. It is like creating a whole new store. The investment is nothing more than the website creation and maintenance costs. The best part, no matter how old your physical business set up is, the online set up can always be lent a feeling of freshness and novelty.    

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Secondly, remember that sticking just to a geographical location keeps the reach of the business limited to the local periphery. When countries have dropped down their barriers for international trades, it definitely makes sense to go global. Speaking about global, another positive related to owning a website is that you are in direct competition in your industry. The good news is, you can really make a quick mark on the global online platform with an outstanding website.

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Remember, it is not just the product that counts online. It is the blend of design, user interface, hosting support, availability and domain selection that decide on the success of an online business. While the rest can be done by choice, domain and hosting need to be in the hands of specialists who know their job well. Of course, the rest of the stuff can be outsourced as well! It would set you free to concentrate on your business completely!    

Thirdly, a website that stays available to customer viewing and purchases unfailingly throughout the day, coupled with good customer support, lends a feeling of authenticity to your business. It tells your customers that you are serious about what you are doing and do not offer anything which stands secondary on any front. It is important here again, that you choose a good host. Hosting is a relatively cheap aspect of the entire website building process, but nevertheless, equally important.

A website that stays down for a considerable time throughout the day does more harm than good. It turns down hundreds of customers who would never ever visit you in the future. A good host promises that your website runs with the proper speed and stays up for business, irrespective of shared server issues. Depending on the amount of traffic that you are expecting from your website, a good web host will advise you appropriately about the server configuration that you would be needing.    

And lastly, a website gives you the chance to display a lot more products that you can display at your store. Just having a warehouse, shelving products that you have displayed on the website, is enough. There are no space issues for display purpose, unlike the case with a physical showroom. Sell as much as you want, in quantities that your business can support.

Keeping the fact that majority of the potential customer base has turned to the online medium for shopping, it is necessary that you join the league. It would be rather rude to your customers if you decide to stay physically local!    

So book a domain for your business and host it up on the online platform with a good and reliable web host. The rest will take care of itself, while you can sit back on your chair, counting the increasing digits in your bank account.