Understanding and Simplifying your Web Hosting Requirements


In the profusion of web hosting service providers and complex matrix of technical specifications available in this field, segregating the right service provider is reaching out the halfway mark. The other half is covered effortlessly with consultation and expertise of the service provider.

Host IT Smart takes the ownership of your web requirements and provides solutions to excel in web hosting endeavors.   Let us untangle the different technicalities of web hosting services and try to understand which one would best fit your business requirement.


Shared Web Hosting

If your planning for a small website with no headache of maintenance, easy user-friendly web-based control panel to upload your website, database and email creation at a lighter price then Host IT Smart’s Shared Web Hosting is the best option available. It provides an ideal solution for bloggers, website designers, e-commerce stores and small business with only one website. This service start from as low as Rs. 60/Month and may go up to Rs. 500/Month.

Reseller Web Hosting

Planning to start a web hosting business or just looking for a large site that can handle all of your needs, Host IT Smart’s Reseller Web Hosting service is your answer. If you have multiple sites to be host then Reseller Web Hosting saves your money. It also comes with no headache of maintenance, more room to grow, better control and at the same time you can earn income by reselling. It is an ideal solution for individual and designers who are willing to start host service or are hosting multiple websites. Its service starts from Rs.500/Month and may go up to Rs. 2000/Month.

VPS Web Hosting

Looking for better security, custom configurations, and installations, unshared resources, predictable environment for you to administer your own website at a comparative price then Host IT Smart’s VPS Web Hosting is your answer. VPS Web Hosting is a good fit for business small and medium scale business who are experiencing rapid growth, heavy website traffic, a larger need for security or running complex applications. Its price ranges from Rs. 1000/Month to Rs. 16000/Month.

Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Higher reliability, scalability, advanced security, greater flow control & flexibility with an excellent uptime is what you are looking for. Dedicated Server Web Hosting will satisfy all your needs. It’s ideal for those requiring a large amount of bandwidth for video content and high resolution. Its an excellent solution for businesses or advanced users who run on high traffic websites, complex database, and intensive applications. Its price ranges from Rs. 9500/Month to Rs.13000/Month.

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Along with hosting service, Domain Registration is also another important aspect which adds credibility to your business and saves you from changing your website address every time you change your web hosting service provider.

Host IT Smart is one place wherein you can find professional solutions to all your website requirements.