Cheapest Way To Start A Website

Cheapest Way To Start A Website

People often face budget issues when they start a new venture or are looking to quit their job and follow their passion but with the correct amount of research and calculated risk, not only you can save some money but also execute your venture or passion in a more fruitful way. In today’s era, the internet is the best way to market your business or showcase your skills and that is where you need a well-designed website.

But creating a website can prove to be a really expensive job if your research is inadequate. Here in this article, we have tried to let you know about the ways which can help you build a website at a very low budget.

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What type of website do you need?

Before creating a website, you must decide what kind of website do you need.  For your convenience, we have an article to help you choose which is the best type of website for you.

If you are starting a business or a venture, you can consider a business or portfolio or e-commerce website. While for personal use, you can create a  personal website. Since both websites have different roles and goals, the way they are designed is also different. So, select a type of website which suits best to your goals and interest and then proceed further.

Make a goal for your website:

Why you want to make a website is one of the most important questions to answer before starting a website. Ask yourself what you are expecting from your website, then select the type of website according to your expectations and set goals for it. For example, you want to make a website to market your services. Now, you have to focus more on promoting your services on your website than on any other additional information.

Making a goal for your website will help you select the right kind of template,  content, theme, and other tools you require for the website and will save your cost from being wasted on unnecessary stuff.

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Start Creating

The next step in creating a website at a low budget is to start creating the website.

Buy a domain

In order to make a website, you have to first buy a domain. There are many domain providers that offer domains at different prices. Generally, you can get a domain between $2 to $20 per year. Check the buying and renewal cost of domains at different domain providers and compare the pricing. Don’t simply go for the cheapest, but also have a look at the additional services they will provide at that price.

Host IT Smart offers domain names for as low as ₹650/yr with the same registration and renewal cost.

Buy Hosting

After buying a domain name, you will need a hosting provider for your website. Now there are free hosting providers available on the internet but that’s a trap. People often see the word ‘free’ but they forget to check out all the services that it provides. For example, a free hosting providing company generally provides a very low bandwidth which ultimately results in a website crash at the time of high traffic and that will result in a negative image of your business or purpose.

Instead of falling for this trap, you should again compare the hosting plans of different providers and choose the one which offers the best services in a  minimal amount. There are many hosting plans but shared hosting generally costs very low though it has its own pros and cons to consider before buying. Host IT Smart can again be a smart choice for your hosting as we provide some great deals on hosting plans.

Website development

If you do not have enough coding knowledge, you can go for a website builder. You just have to fill in the necessary information and the website builder will create the website for you. You can simply drag and drop the features and your website will be ready to market.

Few companies do offer a free website builder which will help you save some money. Simply search free website builders on google and check the reviews and select the best accordingly.

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Web design

Web design simply means designing your website. The best business is the one that is best designed and that goes for the website as well. Sites like Material Design and others can help you get gifs and different designs for your website for almost free which will help you design your website well at a very low budget.


Next step is uploading your content. Now as we have already figured out our goal, we have an idea of what content we have to upload.  Get your content designed according to your needs with some free tools available online. This will help us to reduce the cost spent on content as we have clarity in the mind of what to have and what not to.

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Website security

Website security is just as important as locking your door before going to bed. Some hosting companies do offer website security as part of the plan. If your hosting provider doesn’t provide website security, you can try considering plugins like Wordfence Security. There are numerous plugins available on the internet. A little amount of research will help you choose the best on a low budget.

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Black Friday

Every year on 26th November, Black Friday is celebrated. Domain and hosting companies offer a very good discount on almost all the services. This is the best time to buy a domain or hosting. So, don’t miss the opportunity.


These days having a website is a must thing if you want to market your business or skills. There are various ways that can help you cut the cost spent on website making. While buying a domain name, compare the prices and features offered by different domain providers.

Host IT Smart can be a smart choice for your domain registrar and hosting provider. Some companies also offer a free website builder which will help you create a website on a low budget. So check out a few free website builder companies on the internet and go for the best one.

Other than that, there are sites available on the internet such as Material Design and Wordfence Security which will help you for website designing and security.  But above all, you must be clear in mind about what kind of website you want and what are your goals from your website. So go now, create one