What is Web Hosting

According to Wikipedia, a web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. To be precise, if you are creating something, then you want the world to know it.  Similarly is the case with your website.

Why use a Web Hosting Platform?

A web hosting platform can be either a web hosting company or any ISP. You can either go for a web hosting company (which will be definitely cheaper as compared to going for ISP). For a non-technical person, a configuration in the Linux Hosting Environment is difficult until he or she gets used to it. But, there are several reasons that make the difference once the website is available on the Internet.

The reasons can be purchasing cost, maintenance cost, designing cost, performance, security, database formats and many more features that will influence the client’s choice. Let us see why easily place a bet on Linux for trouble-free website performance.

what is web hosting?

Why use Linux for a web hosting platform?

There are two major hosting platforms i.e. Windows & Linux. Yet, Linux hosting is the platform of choice when it comes to trouble-free website performance. Any system with a Windows platform can easily switch to the Linux platform. Being open source, it provides a long list of advantages like security, stability, easily available updates,  low cost, easy maintenance of websites and much more.

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Windows calls for very strict propriety on its applications usage. But this is not the case with Linux.  Both Windows and Linux give the accessibility to File Transfer Protocol (FTP), with which anyone can upload files on the server through his/her hard disk.  However, Linux is cheaper, and it provides better accessibility when compared to various hosts.

Another edge of Linux over Windows is that in Linux, we need not to worry about PHP and MySQL combination and its compatibility. In fact, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP/Perl/Python) is a favourite combination among the developers.  But in Windows, we need to take care of that.

If anyone wants to use PHP, Perl or MySQL, then Linux is the best choice because that provides the Linux web hosting is appropriate for blogs, forums, websites of any size, and much more. But the main reason for the popularity of Linux web hosting services lies in the fact that Linux provides much more flexibility and security than Windows web hosting services.

Linux Web Hosting and the Cloud

Cloud has gained momentum in today’s tech-geek world. So to match with the latest trends, Linux has developed its own cloud hosting platform. Most of the services today are available on the cloud, and essentially the cloud itself is a combination of Linux services, so it’s better to use Linux as a hosting platform.

Closing Thoughts

Linux has some compatibility issues with ASP.NET, ASP, and MS SQL. So, if we are using such technologies in our website, then it is not possible to host that website on Linux web hosting platform. Nevertheless, Linux is simple with regard to scalability as it can virtually host a website any size and can remain equally stable and reliable for a small scale website. Hence, it does turn out that Linux is the platform of choice for trouble-free website performance!