Why does your business need a domain email address?


According to Email Marketing Stats online, 72% of people prefer email for communicating with business and different marketing channels. They trust emails of potential vendors only when the email address matches the

website domain. When it doesn’t match, the question is raised on the very foundation and the credibility of the company.

In short, these doubts hurt the first impression of the company. And, we all know how crucial the first impressions are. As per the online sources, email marketing is 40% more effective than social media channels for generating leads and conversions.

So, in this article, we shall navigate you through the significance of having a domain email address for your business.

What Is A Domain Email Address?

A domain email address incorporates your website domain into your primary contact email. Just like you have a custom URL for your website, it is a custom email address for primary contact with clients.

Why it Matters?

If you communicate with your clients using two different email addresses, for example, info.hostitsmart@gmail.com and info@hostitsmart.com, which email address do you think will have a trusted impact on your clients?

The answer is ‘the second one’ (info@hostitsmart.com). The first email address could leave a negative impression on clients as they may consider it as spam. Possibly you will not get any response from them.  With the domain email address, your business is instantly etched in their subconscious. It provides more clarity to your customers when they communicate with you.

So, when you go for Domain Name Registration for your website then registering Domain Email is also important as well.


How Many Email Aliases Can Be Created Under An Official Domain Email?

To encapsulate it in short, there is no fixed limit!

You can create as many email aliases as you want and not only for one person but also for the whole department under an official domain email!

For example – support@hostitsmart.com – where all the customer queries can be directed towards or hr@hostitsmart.com where all the employee-related matters can take residence.

In addition, an email like technicalstaff@hostitsmart.com can be created and linked to more than one relevant employee’s email address. In a click, the email will be circulated to all the team members within that department. Hence, guaranteeing efficient communication time-efficiently.

With custom email addresses, you can easily create new ones or remove inactive ones. When a new employee joins your company, you can easily set up a customized ID for him.

Benefits Of Getting A Domain Email Address


There are plenty of benefits of having a domain email address. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Exhibits Professionalism


Domain email address is a baseline requirement for your business if you want to project professionalism in the subconscious mind of the customers and prospects.

Using a free address makes your business look like a side hustle whereas using a website domain email address gives an impression that you are established and committed. Set-up a dedicated communication channel to be in touch with your customers and prospects.

Builds Reliability


A domain name is the face of your business as it includes company name, it’s how customers and prospects find you on the web. Having that domain name at the end of the email address will help you to set up a dedicated communication channel to serve your customers.

You are no longer tied to an email service provider or an ISP. You have the flexibility and option to use any email hosting provider you like.

Enhances Business Credibility & Trust


Sending an email with a custom domain email address helps to boost the credibility of your business. Unlike free email where people are leery and mistake the business for a potential scam, here prospects have more trust that they are communicating with someone who has given more thought to his business by investing in an email.

So, it offers a perception of increased security and trust which is crucial for landing conversions. Customers share their payment information online only when the company’s email address is reflective of its name. In this matter, it’s a vital step to prioritize email security by using SPF checker and taking other steps that enhance business credibility.

Free Brand Advertising


Your company name is the most important branding tool and the business email address is the most effective way to optimize it. The custom domain email address has the power to create a brand identity as it includes the company name as well as encourages your potential customers to communicate with you.

Effective Results From Email Marketing Campaign

Free Brand Advertising

When you run an email marketing campaign with custom domain email addresses, customers will immediately know that you are legitimate and are more likely to open and act on them.

Campaigning from free accounts have a greater chance for your email to be destined to the junk or spam folder. This will water down all your marketing efforts. What’s worse? It may even never get a chance to makes its presence tangible to the recipients as it may never reach them. You can also use DMARC setup to make the process more effective and prevent spam boxes and deliverability issues.

Therefore, it is wiser to choose a web hosting provider that provides package with an option to create a custom email address.

Maintains Privacy


You have to compromise on privacy when using a free third-party email service. You have to acknowledge and agree to the user’s agreement of third parties which limits your privacy.

But that’s not the case with a domain email address! When your web host stores your business email, you are guaranteed with rock-solid privacy. You have complete control over your business email and you are paying for maintaining it in a secure way.

Tech-savvy businessmen know that managing email from trusted web hosts is a better way to go as it allows them to create separate mailboxes for different users. This will limit access to sensitive information. With one shared mailbox in the free email service, there is no surety if the email stays with its intended recipient. Sensitive emails should only be sent to secure, single-user mailboxes.

Enhances Security


Unlike public domains, custom domains give you more control over the data it stores. You can access mail even if someone deletes the messages or leaves the company. You get ownership of company records and comply with any data retention requirements.

Security measures are more business-oriented and domain emails give the power to set up mailboxes with unique permissions between users and admins.

Your customers expect you to keep their confidential data secure and safe. Public domains feature a wide user base. So, they make an attractive target to hackers. It’s also possible to lose your account or your server goes down when dealing with valuable customers.

In a custom domain, you’ll know exactly what security measures are taken by your host, and you’ll have the power to implement additional security as you deem fit.



Setting up a domain email account is a smart move for your business. If you’ve been wondering about how to grow your business by capitalizing on email marketing, a custom domain email address is an effective way to go about!

Are you ready to boost your business with the professional appeal and marketing power of your custom domain email address? Whether you’re looking for a complete hosting solution or want to try custom domain email hosting, Host Smart is here to help you take your business to the next edge!


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