How do you point out the right host for your website and why should you do so?

How Do You Point Out The Right Host For Your Website?

Hosting is one of the most neglected investment areas in all businesses. But is it worth neglecting? Is just about any web host OK for your business? Is it worth pondering over for days, before deciding on your web host? Well, most reasonably, yes.

Why should you carefully select your host?

How web hosting works

Well, there are a handful of reasons.

  1. Your website needs visibility Well, that is obvious. But did you know that hosting influences your website’s continued visibility? There are web hosts, who cramp their servers with more than 300 websites. This results in speeding down of each website that is being hosted on these servers. At times, there are incidences of a server crashing down under a load of so many functioning websites. When that happens, the hosted websites may stay down, in other words, off visibility, till the server is fixed.
  2. Your hosting indirectly influences your SEO A slow loading website or a website that stays down for elongated periods due to server issues, does not stay in good eyes of search engines. If your website is one of them, get prepared to be somewhere on the 2nd
  3. The hosting plan matters Many-a-times, you will find plans that either exceeds your requirements or do not justify them. You might choose a plan that offers more than you require, thinking that someday, your business would definitely grow, you will have increased requirements then! Hold on! Would you not be able to upgrade your plan then? Should you not ask for a slightly tweaked plan that would exactly fit pieces with your needs? Unnecessary features end up squeezing you financially when you do not require them.
  4. Is a cheap hosting really worth? Clear no! Money definitely matters, but not when it comes to the health of your online business. A cheap hosting service provider might lure you with the low-budget plans and the high-budget returns! But don’t fall prey. Analyze, consult and then purchase. There are certain things, website and intellectual safety, as an example, that are not worth compromising on.

How do you know you have found your host?

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There are plenty of ways to figure this out.

  1. Does your host listen to you before pitching? This is important. A service provider, ideally, should listen and then suggest. If your hosting service provider just frantically continues presenting you with one plan after another and one product after another, he would end up confusing you. Choose a web host who would listen, understand and present you with something that you truly need, not something that you would be asked to choose from.
  2. Is he present when you want him? Customer support is important, we knew that. But its importance increases when the business we are talking about, is as crucial as hosting. A web host promises you that your website will be visible to your customers round the clock. If you are facing issues with that core offering, your web host has to do something about it, no matter what hour of the night it is! Remember, at some part of the globe, it would be day and when your website is down, it is missing on the visitors at that part of the globe.
  3. Are the rates suitable? Every web host will have hoards of offers, discounts, and prices. But those discounts are not eternal. Don’t get lured by cheap prices and glossy discounts. Focus on what they are offering and how good they are offering. For more information regarding hosting and related products, please visit us at Host IT Smart.