How does server location have an impact on your website SEO?


Quite a number of factors affect your website and the way it functions. The SERVER LOCATION of your website basically refers to the location of the data center where your website is hosted.

This is one of the most important factors affecting various aspects of your website like its speed, SEO, load time, and many other crucial factors. It is to be noted that if your business is functional in a particular country and even if your hosting

providers are from the same country; it is not necessary for the server on which your website is hosted to be located in the same country.

It is very much possible that your business is situated in India and you have your servers in Singapore. At the same time, the server location that you choose for your website is also dependent on a number of factors and in turn determines the number of factors.

If we look at a situation where the majority of the market for your business is in India itself, then selecting a US-based or Australia based server would not be the best option.

This is because choosing one of these servers would increase the geographic distance between your consumer base and the server and in-process would result in an increase in the overall load time of the website and thus would decrease its speed.

Whereas, if you go for a server-based in India itself, it will decrease the geographic distance between your audience and the server, increase the data loading speed of the website, and would thus make it a fast website.

In this piece, we are going to look in detail into how the server location of your Website affects its SEO and what kind of impact does the server location have on your website’s SEO.

This Server Location of your website affects a number of factors. We will be looking at how it affects SEO

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How Can Server Location Impact The SEO Of Your Website

Impact On Speed Of Website


When a website is opened by a user and is loaded, it passes from the data centers of its web host where it is monitored and passed to the user via a passage on the internet which is an interconnection of multiple networks. The time that the server takes to fetch and proves a search request by a user is known as LATENCY.

To make sure that this data reaches the user as fast as possible, it is sent via the most up to the mark, efficient, and the fastest of the network passages available on the internet. Even a minor delay in the transfer of data can lead to a loss in conversion rate and affect the efficiency of the overall marketing of the website.

That’s why it is important to host your website that has a nearby server location so that it has a positive impact on the speed of a website.

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Impact On A Website Speed Due To Local Web Hosting

IMPACT ON A WEBSITE SPEED DUE TO LOCAL WEB HOSTINGThis is where the importance of the location factor of your server on which your website is hosted comes into the picture. There is a direct relation between the two. The closer the data center of your website’s server is to the users, the quicker it will load for them.

In cases when the server of your website is located in a different continent or region than that of your user, the latency of your website naturally increases which has a simultaneous effect on the load time of your website where it increases, thus, having an overall negative impact.

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How Server Location Is Noticed By Search Engines

In an ideal situation where you are aiming for the best results, the server location should be as close and in proximity to the target users. Thus, it makes it of utmost importance to choose a server that is hosted in as close geographical proximity to your target audience as possible. This will result in faster loading of your website.

The best of the search engines allow you to choose and select a target country according to your personal preferences with the aid of webmaster tools. The suffix .in in the domain name of your website is specified for India and wouldn’t allow you to choose any other country or location even if our target audience is situated there.

It is because of this factor that the .com suffix is most sought after when selecting a domain name for your website as it provides you with a lot of freedom and flexibility in terms of selection of your server location.

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How Server Location Is Important For GEO-targeting

When you are using certain specific Geo-Targeting tools like ccTD or any other ones that you prefer, you can ignore the specification and take the liberty to be not so particular about your server location.

Here, all you have to actually focus on is ensuring that the hosting of your website is done in such a way that it loads as fast as possible and is able to grab the interest and tap on its target audience the way it aims to.

However, it is always better to go for server locations that bring your target users in better proximity to them as this is bound to give sure-shot better results and improve the SEO-based results by two folds. It also enhances the overall user experience on your website which is always good news for your website and your business.

If you are preferring the hosting server location that is closure to your users, then definitively the web pages will be loaded quickly plus your user can feel good user experience. At the end of the day, search engines rank the website that is so comfortable and beneficial to your users. As we are aware of the important factor of SEO i.e. response time


Thus, to look at it broadly, we can conclude that if you want a faster loading of your website and your web pages and grab the user’s eyeballs and loyalty at the same time; hosting your server in close proximity to your target audience is your best bet.

This is because the search engines are known to rank your website in the SERP mainly based on your response time and good response time can only be achieved when your SEO-activities are fully successful and these are going to be successful only if you choose your server location wisely as it is one of the most prominent factors to affect it.


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