Top 13 techniques to find creative domain names for your business.

Techniques to find creatives domain names for your business

Finding the perfect domain name for your business can be an uphill battle. We are not implying that it is impossible, but it involves plenty of thought and research. The choice of a domain name will play an instrumental role in the success of your business.

An impactful and well-researched domain name serves as a powerful marketing tool that can lure clients to your website while creating a strong business identity. As per a VeriSign report, approximately 370.7 million domain names were registered at the end of the third quarter of 2020.

In this online ocean where thousands of domain names are registered each day, how will you find a domain name that grabs everyone’s attention? This blog will discuss different research methods to find the best domain name for your business.

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How to get ideas for your domain name

1. Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key to success. A complicated domain name can be hard to remember for people; choose a domain name that is easy to type so that people can find your website quickly and log on to it. To be on the safe side, choose a domain name with not more than 15 characters.

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2. Select an appropriate domain name extension

Select an appropriate domain name extension

These days, businesses have a plethora of options to choose from domain name extensions like .com, .org, .biz, .in, .green, .dev etc. Each domain name extension is for a specific purpose, which many people fail to understand. Don’t select a domain name extension just because it sounds trendy or fashionable.

  • .green is for businesses who are a part of the sustainability movement
  • .org is for non-profit organizations
  • .in is for companies that have their base in India
  • .info stands for an informational website
  • .edu is for websites that focus on education

Stick to .com. It is simple, easy to remember, and most people will relate to it. Unless your business caters to a particular client base or a specific niche, avoid fancy domain name extensions.

3. Trust keyword research

Trust keyword research

When most people hear keyword research, they think of SEO and PPC ads, but they don’t realize that it can also be a beneficial tool to create a perfect domain name. Conduct proper research, find out what people are talking about, and choose a domain name accordingly.

With good content and enhanced user experience, your website will rank higher on search engines over time. However, you need to be creative and think out of the box because the keyword will already be taken by someone else most of the time.

The right combination of keywords with words specific to your business will help you come up with a unique website name.

4. Make it location-specific if necessary.

Make it location-specific if necessary.

If you run a local business and your target audience is people from the same city, choose a domain name that reflects your connection to the city. For example, if you are a welding company in New Delhi, a domain name like would make perfect sense.

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5. Use a domain name generator.

Use a domain name generator.

As discussed above, brainstorming and research are integral to choosing a domain name for your business. However, one can only rack his brain to a certain extent. To ease this process, use a domain name generator.

The generator will provide you with plenty of options, thousands of innovative ideas, and you can pick a suitable domain name from those. At the same time, don’t just pick a word just because it sounds trendy. The word should also be in line with your company’s vision and objectives. Find an exciting word and add your twist to it.

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6. Beware of copyright infringement.

Beware of copyright infringement.

You may have used thesaurus, a domain name generator, and a host of other tools to think of a great domain name, but you need to check online to see if another website has grabbed that name.

If you find the same domain name or a similar-sounding one, ditch the name and find a new one.

7. Buy it if you have to

If you thought of a great domain name and it’s already taken, don’t despair. Talk to the domain owner and ask him if he is willing to sell it. If you see an empty domain name, look for more information on domain registrars like Godaddy,, Siteground, etc.

Choosing an already taken domain name has many advantages. Google already knows the domain name so that you can get a headstart in the online world. On the downside, if the domain name is associated with content like porn, gambling, spam, etc., Google might have blacklisted it entirely. Go through a reputed marketplace to find a domain name that matches your business requirements.

8. Inspect the domain history

Inspect the domain history

Sometimes, you may think your website domain name is unique. Your happiness knows no bounds when you can’t find the same name on Google search results, but it could be possible that the same domain name might have been registered in the past and abandoned by the website owner.

There are various tools available to check the domain name’s history, including Domain tools, Internet Wayback machine, and, Hosterstats, Nortonsafeweb can help you check the domain history and check it was used for any unethical purposes. Don’t rush; check the history right from the first month to the end to be sure.

9. Social media is a game-changer

Social media is a game-changer

Most people prefer to check out brands and company services on social media rather than their official websites. If the social media handle is catchier than your website domain name, grab it. Use suffixes, prefixes, or a few additional characters to create a robust online presence.

10. Consider other languages

A particular word in English might sound exotic in another language. Look for words in different languages; use a translator to find the equivalent of an English word in other languages. Who knows, you could find an appealing name that will do wonders for your business.

11. Observe your competitors

Observe your competitors

Analyze your competitors, similar companies that provide the same product/service as you. Their domain names may give you some useful ideas. Be careful not to imitate them entirely, or you could find yourself at the receiving end of a lawsuit. Find inspiration from their content, images, and create something unique.

12. Add words or animals.

Add words like shop, store, world, box, solutions to make it more impactful—for example, FashionStore, KidsWorld, Xbox, SushiWorld. Add a word at the front or the back to attract people’s attention and build a formidable brand.

Using an animal logo or a related word can leave a long-lasting impression in customers’ and visitors’ minds. Examples include Puma, Jaguar, Firefox, Media Monkey, etc. People will remember the logo design for a long time, and it will generate buzz and word of mouth.

13. Don’t be a sheep.

Don’t be a sheep

When searching for the perfect domain name, don’t just follow what others do. You may take inspiration from them, but following the same pattern or blatantly copying them will raise suspicions and give the impression that you are unoriginal or regressive.

Settling for misspellings, short adjectives as domain names would be a mistake. Choose a domain name that people would strike a chord with and take you seriously at the same time.

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Domain name generator tools that you can use

After all the brainstorming and endless discussions, your domain name search has not yielded any results. Don’t be discouraged. Domain name generators can think for you and give you some fantastic ideas. Check out the generator tools below.

  1. Leandomainsearch
  2. Namestall
  3. Business name generator by Shopify
  4. Nameboy
  5. Domainwheel
  6. Domainsbot
  7. Namemesh
  8. Domaintyper
  9. Nameboy
  10. Bustaname
  11. NameStation
  12. Naismith

You can find many other generator tools online. Don’t depend on these tools too heavily. Remember that the human brain is the most efficient tool; take ideas and lend your Midas touch to create an outstanding business domain name.

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In a nutshell

Once you have finalized your domain name, don’t think the job is done. Sitting back and relaxing could prove costly. Be proactive and register your domain name. Register your domain name using Host IT Smart’s tool and opt for its web hosting service to avail of some mind-blowing deals.

Remember, a domain name is the foundation stone for your business website. Create a strong foundation to build a formidable business empire. Now that you know everything about finding the right domain name march forward, and make it happen.


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