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Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

Web Hosting Guide for Beginners by Host IT Smart

Got domain name but now what? Here web hosting comes in the picture. In simple words we can say that web hosting is the bridge and filling the gap between website and worldwide internet.


World is taking steps towards Digitalization and people are showing interest by getting updated. In past decade Internet usage is increased. Now a day’s website necessity for any business, even website is became must for personal branding. This is result of free availability of CMS like WordPress and Joomla for website development, any non-technical person can easily create website by his own. Till now it is ok but majority of people gets stuck at only one place and that is Web Hosting. Majority of people are still unaware about web hosting.


Following listed details will guide you at the beginning for understanding and selecting your Web Host:


Web Hosting:

Web Hosting is a place where an organization or an individual can place their website. We can also say it a server where your website is kept, just like we put our folders and files in computer in the same way, your website is kept on web hosting server.


Types of Web Hosting:

There are different types of web hosting like Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS), and Dedicated. ?All these will provide storage space for your website as per requirement.


Shared Web Hosting:

As its name suggest it is a Shared Hosting which shares its hosting server with other website. Here multiple website will be hosted from same server and its resources like RAM and CPU is also shared among multiple website. These types of hosting costs very low as the resources are shared with other websites. If you are having low traffic site or looking to startup for your business then this is the best web hosting as it requires very low technical knowledge. Here few things which you will be lacking are root level access, you can handle your traffic in limited way, and your site performance will be affected as other sites are also hosted on the same server but initially this option is very cost effective.


Shared Hosting


Virtual Private Server (VPS) Web Hosting:

Virtual Private Server also works as the name suggest. Here the Server is virtually divided into other small servers which are acting as dedicated server for individual website hosted on the same VPS server. All this things is virtual because in real they are sharing the same resources. Here the root level access can be achieved at own virtual space. Security level at VPS can be improved as compared to Shared Web Hosting but still it’s hard to manage high traffic and performance can also be affected by other sites. Those who are looking for Dedicated Server with some more servers level access but don’t want to invest more, this is the best option for them.


Virtual Private Server


Dedicated Server Web Hosting:

Dedicated Server Web Hosting means your only website is stored on the server and you have the maximum control over your Web Server. This facility is given to you because you only pay the rent for the entire Dedicated Server. These servers are very expensive and are recommended to those who really need the maximum control over server.


Dedicated Server Web Hosting


Selecting the best Web Hosting according to your need:

When it comes to you that which Web Hosting Services you should select, it depends on the type of website which you have developed and your requirements. If not developed then select it in such a way that your requirements and business goal must be clear. As mentioned above if you are startup then you should go with Shared Web Hosting. If you are already having a hosting service and not satisfied with their services then you should change your Web Host immediately.


There are different criteria which you should take in consideration while selecting your web host.


Few are listed below:

Unlimited Web space, Network Speed, Bandwidth, RAM, Emails, Domain, Services, Support, Uptime, Cost and Finally Money Back Guarantee.

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