Difference between VPS and WordPress Hosting

Difference between VPS and WordPress Hosting

There are currently more than 455 million websites that use WordPress and that makes WordPress very popular while VPS hosting is often given priority whenever someone is looking to manage more than one site with easy administration. So, it’s like both have got their advantages but which works best for you depends on your needs and goals. Here, we have discussed in a little brief about both hosting plans, their advantages, and disadvantages, to help you select the better from the two for your website.

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Difference Between VPS and WordPress Hosting

Before we discuss about VPS & WordPress hosting in detail, It is required to know about the types of web hosting:

Types of Web Hosting

Though there are various types and sub-types of web hosting available on the internet, let’s just have a look at some popular plans –

  • Shared Hosting: A hosting in which many websites share the same web server.
  • VPS Hosting: As the name suggests, it offers a Virtual Private Server for your site.
  • Dedicated Hosting: A hosting type where a single server is dedicated to a single client.
  • WordPress Hosting: A hosting type that is specifically designed for WordPress websites.

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Why it is important to know the difference between VPS and WordPress Hosting?

Since there are so many types of web hosting plans available on the internet, it becomes very necessary to know the differences between the basics to help you select the best hosting plan for your site.

WordPress and VPS both are very popular Web hosting plans, but which one is best for you will be more clear after having a look at the differences between VPS & WordPress hosting.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is somewhat like dedicated hosting. Just like in dedicated hosting you get a private server, the same is the case with VPS hosting also but with the exception that in VPS hosting the server is virtual and not physical. In simple words, VPS hosting allows the client to host the website on a virtual private server, not shared with someone else.

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For Whom, VPS is best?

If your site runs on anything other than WordPress or as far as you are not specifically looking for the WordPress advantages, VPS hosting can be the most suitable choice for you. Unlike shared hosting, you don’t have to share your server with other sites, rather you have your private server. And unlike dedicated hosting, it’s not too expensive to have a private server.

So, if you are someone who is looking to manage one or more than one site with easy administration, wants a fast, reliable hosting plan with a private server, and do not wish to spend a lot of money, then VPS can be the most suitable choice for your hosting plan.

Know what you are paying for?

Before you decide to invest in VPS hosting, you must know what you are paying for. What makes VPS hosting different from other hosting plans is its features like root access that allows you to gain complete control over resources and data. Also, VPS hosting is faster, more reliable, and secure than Shared hosting.

Its cost-effectiveness helps you to have a dedicated server without actually paying the price for dedicated hosting. All these along with its other features gives VPS hosting a chance to stand on your preference list.

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Pros of VPS Hosting

Root Access: Business owners probably like to have complete control over resources and data and VPS hosting allows you to have complete control over resources. Also, it allows you to configure, install or maintain software of your choice.

Operating System: VPS hosting provides different services for Windows and  Linux Operating systems to fit clients’ needs better.

VPS hosting provides different services for Windows and  Linux Operating systems to fit clients’ needs better. This dual OS availability allows users to choose the environment that best fits their software requirements, technical expertise, and specific use cases. 

Like, Windows VPS servers are ideal for running applications that require a Windows environment, like certain web hosting services or .NET applications, while Linux VPS server hosting is favoured for its open-source nature, stability, and compatibility with a wide range of development tools and scripts. 

This flexibility ensures that businesses and developers can tailor their server environment to optimize performance and efficiency.

Non-WordPress: If you want to run just WordPress, your clear choice can be  WordPress hosting but if you want to run something other than WordPress, then  VPS offers better administration.

Cost-effective: VPS hosting generally doesn’t cost much though the price depends mainly upon the hosting provider. But as compared to dedicated hosting, you can have a private server at a very lesser cost.

Fast, reliable, secure: The private server offered by VPS makes it a secure,  faster, and reliable option for your website.  

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Cons of VPS Hosting

Cost: If compared to dedicated hosting, VPS is quite cost-effective but when compared to WordPress, WordPress is often more cost-effective.

Technical Knowledge: VPS hosting demands you to have at least some technical knowledge to make better use of it.

What is WordPress Hosting?

Since so many sites run on WordPress, WordPress hosting plan was designed and introduced especially for the sites that run just on WordPress. WordPress  Hosting helps you to improve your WordPress website’s performance, security and helps you manage it well. 

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Know What you are paying for?

WordPress hosting is specially designed to host WordPress sites. WordPress hosting provides you unlimited bandwidth even in its basic plan. WordPress hosting helps your WordPress website to have a quicker loading time, stay updated automatically, be more secure, and make it easy to add plugins.

For Whom, WordPress hosting is best?

The simple answer is “for the websites that run on just WordPress.” Since it is specially designed for WordPress sites, it’s the best hosting plan for the sites running on WordPress.

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Pros of WordPress

Easy to use: Compared to VPS hosting, WordPress hosting involves very less technical knowledge and is very easy to manage for clients with single domain.

Unlimited Bandwidth: For media-intensive sites, bandwidth is a big issue.  While VPS offers limited bandwidth in its basic plans, WordPress offers unlimited bandwidth to its clients.

Features: For a few features like Cpanel, LiteSpeed you might have to pay a  little extra in VPS Hosting, while WordPress includes these features in its plan itself.

Cost-effective: WordPress is very cost-effective when compared to VPS  hosting. So you can save some extra money choosing WordPress hosting.

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Cons of WordPress Website

Limited to WordPress: WordPress hosting is specially designed for just  WordPress websites and that is a major advantage and disadvantage of  WordPress hosting. If you want to use something other than WordPress, this hosting plan may not be your best choice.

Root Access: WordPress hosting doesn’t offer you root or low-level access to the server.

Which Hosting to Buy? Final Verdict Between VPS and WordPress Hosting

Since VPS and WordPress both are excellent in their own fields, which is best for you depends completely on your needs and aim. If you want to run just  WordPress and have a very low budget, WordPress hosting is more suitable for you. But if you want to run something extra or other than WordPress and you have a medium amount of budget, you can go for VPS hosting.

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