How Does a VPS Work? A Complete Guide For Beginners 

How Does a VPS Work

After months of brainstorming ideas regarding design and development, you finally breathe life into your brand-new website. Now it’s time to choose a hosting service to launch your site on the Internet, and you go with VPS. 

However, you are still unsure about its functioning and technicalities. Don’t worry; we have your back! We have drafted this blog to straighten the concept of how does a VPS server work?

But before jumping to the technical aspects, we will tread across the basics of VPS hosting.

VPS Hosting: What Is It And How Does It Works?

What Is A VPS Server? (In Layman’s Terms)

VPS, popularly recognized as a Virtual Private Server, is a private space to store your website’s data, files, and other miscellaneous information. The server is created with virtualization technology separating a single server into multiple. 

Despite the server functioning several ones, still, it is reserved for you. This means you don’t have to share the server with someone else. You start using this server when you have outgrown the user traffic on your website.

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What Is VPS Hosting? (In Technical Terms)

As the name suggests, VPS (Virtual Private Server) is an isolated server generally owned and managed by a hosting provider. This hosting service leverages virtualization technology to disseminate a single machine into multiple servers (virtual pieces) to share the data.

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How Does A VPS Work?

Let’s understand this with an image!

How Does a VPS Work

The VPS environment is quite different from other hosting platforms. Meaning a physical machine is segregated into multiple virtual servers to transmit data. This is possible because of the hypervisor. It is a virtual layer installed on the physical machine’s Operating System (OS), allowing each environment to function independently. 

The hypervisor provides each stored website a fixed amount of storage and memory, meaning you get a pool of resources reserved exclusively for you! You can manage, customize, and reap all the benefits given to your server. You even get a dedicated IP Address through this technology (hypervisor) installed in your operating system (OS) by a hosting provider. 

Another advantage of hypervisor is that it is supported on Linux, Windows, and macOS. So you can install it in any of your systems.Since we are on the subject of VPS, let us also give you an overview of VPS accounts. There are majorly two types of it – Self-managed VPS and Fully Managed VPS.

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Self-managed VPS

Self-managed VPS is an account where you are entitled to manage everything on your own. The host provides no maintenance or management. They are just responsible for setting up a physical server. 

Self-managed VPS

It is advised to purchase a self-managed account when you have hands-on technical experience and enough efficient & knowledgeable resources. 

Here are some advantages of picking a self-managed VPS – 

➔ Freedom of customization

➔ Inexpensive price

➔ High-end security

➔ Self-reliance 

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Fully Managed VPS

A fully managed VPS account is where a hosting company or provider manages everything on your behalf. You don’t have to concern yourself with the technical details of the server. 

Fully Managed VPS

This account should be purchased by users who lack the knowledge and experience of running servers. Although, the price point of this account is expensive compared to self-managed plans. Plus, you do not control the customizations much because the host conducts all the changes. 

Below are a few amazing advantages of fully managed VPS –

➔ The host takes care of server maintenance.

➔ The host conducts timely software or hardware updates.

➔ The host monitors your site and provides real-time information on the same.

➔ The host protects your site and takes regular website backups

➔ The host checks your website to safeguard it from viruses and cyber-attacks.

➔ 24*7 tech support for your technical and non-technical concerns. 

What Are the Benefits of VPS Hosting?

1. Reliability
VPS provides you with reliability and stability. Since the control is in your hands, you can manage the storage capacity and bandwidth in the server space. 

2. Security
No more compromise on security! With VPS isolated environment, you get a layer of protection on your website to defend against malware, hacking, and other cyber attacks.

3. Quick Performance
VPS server provides you with robust power to ensure quick turnaround time for your website. 

4. Scalability
Are you worried about expanding your services in the future? Stop right there! You can easily switch to different plans for your business requirements contributing to growth.

5. Cost-effective
VPS is one of the most cost-effective solutions because you can control and customize your website as you want without paying the price of a Dedicated Server. 

6. Root Access
Get root access and a secure shell protocol (SSH) of your server for managing everything on your own. 

7. Customizations
Make custom alternations by choosing your Operating System (OS), software, and features to build a user-friendly experience. 

8. Data Protection
VPS hosting provides exhaustive data protection in all plans. Additionally, you can easily create server backups whenever required.
Since we have explained the benefits, we shall now move to the signs indicating you to shift to VPS. 

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Reasons For Migrating To VPS?

Let’s know the reasons for migrating to VPS hosting!

Reasons For Migrating To VPS

1. Outgrown Traffic

Let’s say lately, you have been witnessing a sudden rise in user traffic on your website; it’s time for you to switch to a VPS server. As a business owner, you want multiple users to stay and make frequent visits to your site, but that is only possible when the hosting platform has the capacity to handle countless visitors at a time. 

This is where VPS comes into play. This hosting solution can easily manage the traffic without crashing your website or making it slow. 

2. Security Concerns

If security is your priority, consider replacing your existing hosting services with VPS. It offers high-end security features, better backup space, & modern tracking to protect your user’s information, the site’s reputation, and other cyber attacks. 

Moreover, you don’t have to share your hosting space with any other website owners, making it all the more secure option. 

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3. Lagging Behind

Are you facing lag issues with your hosting provider? 


Is your site have a slow turnaround time? 

Then we recommend you start hosting your website on VPS. Scaling your site with this hosting platform is never a problem, as it provides more computing resources and processing power to boost the speed of your site. 

4. Customizations

With VPS, you get root access and SSH, which gives you complete control over the server. This means you are solely responsible for making and managing changes. You can customize the site as you want, upgrade the security level, improve website performance, and conduct server-level changes without seeking the host’s permission as you would in shared hosting.

5. Issues With Server

One of the general issues that you face while hosting a site is a 500 internal server error. However, if you encounter this more often, migrating to a VPS server is the best solution for you! Thankfully the platform gives minimal to zero server errors and ensures improved website performance. 

6. Short On Budget

If you are looking for a reliable hosting package covering the maximum features for your website at a nominal cost, opt for VPS. The platform provides high bandwidth and storage space, with more RAM and security. It is quite affordable compared to Dedicated hosting. 

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7. Hosting Multiple Sites For Clients

Clients are a valuable asset for any business, and as a business owner, you always aim to provide satisfaction to ensure they tie up with you for a long time. To host your client’s website with the utmost security and reliability with a reasonable package, we suggest you choose VPS.

The hosting platform allows you to host unlimited domains and provides enough to operate your client’s site seamlessly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About VPS

1. Can VPS perform without the Internet?

No, VPS cannot perform without the Internet.

2. Can you host anything on VPS?

You can host a high-traffic website, run a gaming server, do forex trading in VPS, practice programming skills by creating a web server, build an open source space for your side projects, eCommerce stores, and establish a VPN connection. 

3. Which hosting service is better than VPS?

Dedicated Hosting is better than VPS Hosting because dedicated hosting offers more protection from malware, hacking, and cyber attacks. Plus, you can entirely control any security breaches, which is less likely possible in VPS. 

4. Does a VPS have its IP?

Yes, you get an individual IP Address with VPS, but it is not publicly accessible, just like your home IP Address. It can only be accessed by VPS and cannot be shared with any other device on the network. You can install the unique IP Address to each domain. However, you have to pay an additional fee. 

5. How much traffic can a VPS server handle at a time?

VPS can manage more than 10,000 visitors in a day. If your website is optimized properly, it can easily go up to 50,000 visitors daily. Although, heavy website owners can expect about 10,000 to 20,000 visitors daily.

6. What is the cost of running a VPS?

VPS Hosting cost is entirely dependent on the type of hosting service you choose. It can go as little as 5$ per month, going more than 100$ in a month. 

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