15 Best SEO Audit Tools For Your Website (Free+Paid)

Best SEO Audit Tools For Your Website

As a website owner, You understand the importance of keeping your SEO strategy updated. If your website is not optimized for search engines, You are missing something BIG. To keep your website’s SEO entirely updated, You need to audit your website regularly.

SEO Auditing has become a must for you if you want your webpages to rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), and it can be tough sometimes if you don’t have a capable, easy-to-use, and effective Auditing Tool. 

This article will discuss 15 of the best SEO Audit tools.

Let’s solve this problem once and for all. Before going to the list, let’s understand the basics.  

What Exactly is SEO Auditing? 

SEO auditing is the maintenance of your On- and Off-page SEO strategies. SEO auditing analyses your website to find issues hindering the Search Engine Ranking of your website and to find areas of improvement to be more visible and drive organic traffic.  

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Benefits of SEO Auditing for Website 

There are numerous benefits of SEO Auditing your website. Some of them are: 

  1. Enhancement of content strategy and tactics. 
  2. A better understanding of which keywords are driving more traffic. 
  3. Improved organic traffic.
  4. Identification of your direct competitors and understanding their strategies. 
  5. Understanding of your website; Weaknesses and Strengths. 

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Best Free SEO Audit Tools for Website 

1. Google Search Console


Google Search Console

Google Search Console tool was previously known as Google Webmaster Tools. It offers many search performance metrics, such as content quality, broken links, Accelerated mobile pages, structured data, HTML, indexation, and accessibility issues.  


Detailed Google crawls and indexes information

It Allows you to;

➔ Submit sitemaps

➔ Track indexed URLs

➔ See high-performance keywords 

➔ Track Backlinks and anchor texts


➔ Structured data testing 

➔ Mobile usability issues tracking and fixing.


No real-time data 

Some features may be difficult for non-technical users. 

Incomplete website performance report 

Inconsistent data 

Limited features for some websites 

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2. Google PageSpeed Insights


Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a technical SEO audit tool that optimizes page speed. It provides Speed scores, statistics, diagnostics, Opportunities for Improvement, and passed  Audits.  


Speed Score 

Information about page load time 

Suggestions for improving page speed

  • Provides information, such as best practices, accessibility, SEO, and Progressive web apps.


Only analyses the front-end performance.

The score may not always be an accurate representation of website performance. 

Suggestions may not be feasible or cost-effective. 

Some suggestions may be too technical. 

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3. Screaming Frog


Screaming Frog

Most other Audit Tools are cloud-based software, whereas Screaming Frog is an installable tool. It provides on-site data, audits SEO problems, and analyses the results in real time. 


Can crawl large websites quickly and efficiently 

Provide information about: 

➔ Broken links

➔ Redirects 

➔ Meta Data 

➔ Technical SEO issues


Ability to export data for further analysis


A free version is limited to 500 URLs.

Some features may be difficult for non-technical users.

It may not work with some websites with dynamic content or heavy JavaScript use.

It Requires some extreme technical knowledge. 

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4. SEO PowerSuite


SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite offers several powerful SEO tools in one package. It has a free version and premium versions that are very budget-friendly. It provides on-page SEO, Backlinks, and keyword data.  


Include four different tools; Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and          LinkAssistant. 

It is User-friendly.  

Tracks and monitors the progress of SEO efforts.

Ability to export data for further analysis. 


The full version is expensive. 

Some features may be difficult for non-technical users. 

Not cloud-based.


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5. Netpeak Spider


Netpeak Spider

NetPeak Spider is one of the best Technical SEO audits; it comes as downloadable software. It is difficult for a beginner, as it’s designed for more technically proficient users. It provides crawl statistics, on-page analysis, content analysis, user experience, and backlink analysis. 


Quick identification of technical issues 

Analyzes the structure of a website 

Can export data in various formats 

User-friendly interface 


Limited functionality in the free version 

Does not provide an In-depth analysis 

Not suitable for large websites 

Some may find it too basic 

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6. SEOptimer



SEOptimer is an easy-to-use audit tool. It offers many SEO tools, including a meta tag generator,  keyword generator, sitemap generator, and more. It provides On-page SEO, Technical SEO, Backlink, and Social Media analysis, along with Mobile and Speed optimization and competitor comparison. 


It offers a Comprehensive analysis 

It contains Detailed Reports 

It offers proper Comparison with Competitors 


Limited functionality in the free version 

Not as advanced as some other tools 

Not suitable for very large websites 

7. Google’s Schema Markup Validator


google search central

Schema Markup Validator is an SEO audit tool by Google. This tool is specifically designed to review your website’s Schema Markup. It provides Error and warning messages, Validation results, a Preview of the structured data and format, and Information on the types of structured data.  


It contains Detailed information 

Free and easy to use 

Improves visibility in search results 

Helps improve user experience  


Limited Functionality 

Dependence on the user’s knowledge of structured data 

Limited to Google search engine 

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Best Paid SEO Audit Tools for Website

1. SEMrush



SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing solution packing 40 intel tools, one of which is an  SEO audit tool. It provides Organic search data, Advertising data, Display Advertising, Local SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Domain vs Domain analysis.  


Comprehensive data 

Competitive analysis 

Easy to use; once you learn it 

Variety of features 


Cost can seem high 

Limited data for some countries

Learning curve


You can audit up to 100 web pages for free using SEMrush, and beyond that, you’ll have to pay $99.95 per month for 100,000 monthly page crawls.

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2. SEOmator



SEOmator offers an easy-to-understand dashboard. It identifies the SEO issues and gives you suggestions to overcome them. It provides website on-page optimization, backlinks, traffic, keyword research, content optimization, social media analysis, Mobile optimization, SEO reporting, etc.  


Offers Comprehensive analysis of SEO performance  

Wide range of tools and features  

Help identify areas for improvement  

Competitor analysis  

Provides In-depth reporting and visualization  

Suitable for both small and large websites  


Beginners may find it difficult to use 

Requires Learning curve 

Data may not always be accurate and up-to-date


You can audit one project for $5. Monthly plans start from $19 per month. 

3. Ahrefs



Ahrefs is a cloud-based tool. It offers 5 different tools for complete SEO solutions. It is a  powerful tool that can recognize up to 110+ technical issues. It provides backlink analysis, Organic search data, Content Analysis, Keyword research, site explorer, Broken link checker, etc.


Comprehensive analysis 

Wide range of tools and features 

Wide range of checks 

Has one of the largest databases of backlinks 

Competitor analysis 

Real-time crawl log 

Seamless integration with Ahref’s other features 


Requires Learning curve

Data may not always be accurate 

It may not cover all possible SEO optimization areas 


Ahrefs offers limited free access to tools like Site Explorer and SEO Audit Tool. The premium version that offers all the tools and functionality starts at $83 per month. 

4. SE Ranking


SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO Tool that provides are very powerful and fast SEO audit tool in its package. Its auditing tool crawls link-by-link to effectively crawl the whole website to show accurate analysis of your website’s health. It provides keyword tracking and analysis, Backlink analysis, Website audit, Competitor analysis, Website analysis, Rank tracking, etc. 


It has a comprehensive set of SEO tools 

Can help identify and fix technical issues 

Analytics data on website traffic and conversion rate 

Customizable reports 

Detailed reports and visualization 

User-friendly interface 


It may require some time to learn completely 

Provides Limited keywords 

Provides Limited Backlinks 


SE Ranking is surprisingly very affordable, considering the useful tools it offers. The paid plans start from $23.52 per month. 

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5. OnCrawl



OnCrawl is a powerful SEO audit tool. It has an easy-to-understand and attractive dashboard. With the help of advanced settings, you can effectively segment and customize crawls. 

It provides a Log analyzer, crawler, keyword tracking Site structure, Content optimization, Backlink analysis, and Data visualization.  


Integrated approach 

Data visualization 

Customizable reports  

Comprehensive analysis 

User-friendly interface 


Complex for non-technical users 

Limited to a certain number of log files 


OnCrawl ‘s plans start from $69 per month.

6. Serpstat



Serpstat offers 30 tools, including keyword research, website audit, rank tracker, and competitor research tools. It categorizes the technical errors based on their severity as high,  medium, or low priority. It provides website analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, competitor analysis, content optimization, and data visualization. 


Serpstat Domain Optimization score; measures site health 

Comprehensive analysis 

Keyword research 

User-friendly interface 

Ongoing monitoring 

Content optimization 


Limited to a certain number of backlinks 

Limited log file analysis 

Complexity for non-technical users 

Limited to a certain number of domains


The starting plans are $45 per month when signed up for 24 months or more upfront. 

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7. JetOctopus



JetOctopus is an advanced technical SEO auditing tool. It is fast and offers a powerful SaaS crawler. It provides on-page SEO reports, Technical reports, Performance metrics, etc. Specific information such as broken links, duplicate content, missing alt tags, etc.  


Comprehensive analysis 

Customizable Reports 

Schedule automatic audit 

Seamless integration with tools like Google Analytics and Google search console. 


Learning curve; as it is an advanced tool 

A limited number of URLs

Limited data export options 

Limited language support 


Flexible pricing based on page volume, starting from $176 per month. 

8. Copyscape



Copyscape is one of the most popular content optimization tools. Yes, you read it correctly,  unlike most of the SEO Audit Tools above, Copyscape is a tool that focuses on optimizing the content of your website, and it is really good at it. Plagiarised, duplicate content can hamper the ranking of your website; that’s why it is crucial to check the content. 


Identify duplicate content 


Identify potential plagiarism  

Free and paid service 


Limited to one URL at a time 

Limited Language support 

Limited to text-based content 

Limited to web-live content 


Copyscape charges 3 cents per search, and its monthly plans start at $4.95/month.

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When it comes to SEO Auditing tools, there is no one-fit-all tool. You’ll have to put a bit of effort into finding the best fit for your needs.

We may need to catch up on a few good Auditing tools, so do good research and choose a tool that provides you with the features you need for auditing your website. Auditing is a crucial practice that yields great results when done correctly. 

You can either do the SEO auditing yourself or choose the professionals. 

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