Best YouTube Channels For Learning Web Development

Best YouTube Channels To Learn Web Development
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Do you want to learn web development? 

Are you looking for some free resources to get started? 

This blog is for you as we have compiled a list of the best YouTube channels to learn Web Development that are absolutely free. 

Everyone, whether a small local business or an eCommerce giant, needs a flawless, highly functional website to reach a wider audience and increase sales. Due to the increasing digitalization of businesses and the growing need for online presence, talented web developers and designers are in high demand across various sectors to run their businesses through websites and other internet-based services. 

Many individuals want to learn web development but are not able to pay a big amount for online courses or degrees. 

What’s the solution? 

There are many open-source and YouTube channels that provide you with basic to advanced-level web development and design at zero cost. Some web development YouTubers resonate strongly with college students and budding coders pursuing web development or design careers. 

Their tutorials span fundamental to cutting-edge web development skills, delivering content in a captivating and enjoyable manner that sidesteps traditional monotony. The approach appeals broadly and is equally enticing for all who want to improve their web development skills. 

YouTube is the best platform for learning web programming, but not every channel is worth your time. Even though some YouTubers have outstanding accomplishments in their portfolio, you will find it difficult to understand their content due to their distinctive teaching style and level of expertise. 

Explore some top YouTube channels to make your web development journey a breeze.

Many YouTube channels for web development in English teach from the basics of HTML & CSS to more advanced JavaScript and PHP. And the best part? It’s all for free! You just need to figure out which YouTube channel suits you best. 

To help you get started, we’ve listed the best English Web Development YouTube channels you can check out.


This open-source community is dedicated to improving your web development skills and an excellent resource for learning coding, hacking, and various web design tutorials. 

The YouTube channel boasts over 8.9 million subscribers and offers concise conceptual videos covering Math, Science, and Software Development topics.

The featured course focuses on learning Web Development, including lessons on Data Structures, Tkinter, HTML, CSS, Ethical Hacking, Django, and more. Visit this YouTube channel to enhance your knowledge and proficiency in these valuable areas.

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2. Programming with Mosh

This YouTube channel is led by Mosh Hamedani, a seasoned software engineer with over 17 years of experience; this platform features a range of in-depth, hands-on videos. Currently, this full-stack web development channel has more than 3.6M subscribers. 

This channel provides top-notch tutorials covering web development and programming in widely used technologies like Python, Java, C#, Angular, and Flutter. 

Programming with Mosh

The channel extends its offerings to real-world projects and code challenges, encompassing both front-end and back-end aspects of web development, mobile development, and data science. Mosh also maintains a website, providing additional resources for those seeking further learning opportunities.

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3. Learn Code Academy

Are you aspiring to learn website development but starting from scratch? 

No worries, even beginners who started with Learn Code-Academy are now top web developers. 

This YouTube channel offers a fantastic playlist ranging from beginner to advanced levels, comprising 24 reference videos. 

Learn Code Academy

The content spans diverse subjects such as programming, software development, web design, website development, career guidance, and beyond. This channel currently has more than 760K subscribers on YouTube. 

Here on this channel, you can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Angular.js, React.js, Dev Ops, and more. 

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4. The Net Ninja

Enter the world of web development with The Net Ninja’s dedicated YouTube channel, boasting an impressive 1.3M subscribers. With over 2.2K videos, this platform is a treasure trove of programming, web development, and website design tutorials. 

The Net Ninja covers many technologies, ideal for both beginners and advanced coders, making it the perfect starting point for those venturing into coding.

The Net Ninja

Shaun Pelling, the creator, offers a beginner-friendly approach, guiding viewers step-by-step through libraries and frameworks. Shaun’s meticulously structured playlists provide a clear understanding, featuring thousands of programming videos on Vue.js, React, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

The Net Ninja is the go-to destination for free, comprehensive web development learning on YouTube from intermediate to complex levels.

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5. Traversy Media

Traversy Media stands out as an exceptional YouTube channel catering to website development enthusiasts, boasting a substantial subscriber base of more than 2.1 million. 

Brad Traversy, a seasoned full-stack developer, curates easily digestible videos on computer programming, frameworks, and the latest web technologies, particularly JavaScript.

Traversy Media

The practical, project-based approach in this channel allows learners to build real-world applications while grasping essential concepts in web development. If you’re a beginner looking to invest your time in learning web development, you should follow Traversy Media for insightful content.

On this YouTube channel, you will find PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular 2, React.js, HTML, CSS, Android, and more tutorials.

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6. Web Dev Simplified

Web Dev Simplified owner Kyle Cook earns a well-deserved spot on this compilation owing to his detailed tutorials for web development. The content is meticulously organized into playlists, each of which is divided into important sub-topics. 

This channel is the best platform for mid to high-level web development skills with 1.48 million subscribers, it also has an extensive collection of beginner-friendly web projects crafted from scratch, ideal for showcasing in a personal portfolio later. 

Web Dev Simplified

Particularly valuable for aspiring full-stack developers, the videos are concise and tailored for beginners, featuring code demonstrations and explanatory content that addresses foundational web development concepts. 

Whether you’re just starting or seeking insights into the latest technologies, Web Dev Simplified offers valuable web development and programming content.

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7. The Coder Coder

Watching The Coder Coder channel videos is truly enjoyable. Jess Chan, an outstanding tutor with more than 475K subscribers, effortlessly guides through the complexity of website creation with amazing clarity. 

Her tutorials are simple, easily understandable, and rich in essential and valuable information. The delightful visuals and calming voiceovers enhance the overall appeal of her videos, making them truly remarkable. 

The Coder Coder

Jess’s roadmap on web development is a must-watch for everyone, providing valuable insights into the complexities of web development.

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8. Dave Gray Teaches Code

Dave Gray’s YouTube Channel with over 250K subscribers, is popular among beginners for its full-length tutorials covering topics like HTML, CSS, MERN, and many more. His in-depth foundation in front-end and back-end web development is incredible.

Dave Gray Teaches Code

Dave’s videos are a treasure trove of valuable insights, tips, and techniques that will help anyone quickly grasp web development’s ins and outs, so if you are new to coding, you must follow this channel. 

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9. Academind

Academind, established by Manuel Lorenz and Maximilian Schwarzmüller, is a 896K subscriber YouTube channel that offers accessible online learning resources for all. 

The channel features numerous guides on web development, content on front-end development, and concise training videos designed to acquaint viewers with new technologies. 


Academind constantly uploads new videos on diverse topics, including Data Science, JavaScript, Web development, iOS, Android, Vue.js, MERN, CSS, Python, and more.

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10. The Coding Train

The Coding Train stands out as a distinctive YouTube channel for Web Development enthusiasts that delivers coding education content infused with creativity and experimentation. 

Hosted by Daniel Shiffman, the channel boasts more than 1.6 million subscribers. Shiffman engages learners through a unique combination of coding tutorials and web development material.

The Coding Train

The channel’s tutorials cover a wide spectrum, from the fundamentals of programming languages like JavaScript to explorations in algorithmic art, machine learning, and more. Shiffman adeptly breaks down complex subjects into manageable segments, ensuring viewers can easily follow along and experiment with coding techniques without feeling overwhelmed.

Whether you’re a beginner in coding or a seasoned programmer looking for practical knowledge, The Coding Train has something for everyone.

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11. Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell is the go-to expert for individuals venturing into front-end web development with over 855K subscribers. A proficient instructor, he excels in guiding beginners to create impressive & professional websites

Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell’s primary focus lies in teaching CSS and the fundamentals of native HTML elements.

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12. The New Boston

Having around 2.67 million subscribers, The New Boston is a widely-followed YouTube channel serving comprehensive content for end-to-end web development. 

Originally initiated by Bucky Roberts, this channel has evolved into a proficient online community. With an extensive collection of over 4,200 video tutorials, the channel offers various topics, including programming, game development, and more. 

The New Boston

The content encompasses a broad array of subjects, providing insights into Angular 2, Gulp, Python, ECMAScript 6, React JS / Redux, SEO, Illustrator, PHP, Java, Ruby, and many others.

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13. DesignCourse 

Gary Simon is your go-to expert if you’re searching for a comprehensive education in web development across the full stack. It has more than 1 million subscribers base. 

With two decades of experience as a full-stack developer, Gary has collaborated with major players like LinkedIn Learning,, and, ensuring top-notch content is delivered to you.


His videos cover various topics besides web development, such as graphic design, programming, and UI. Each video is up-to-date, reflecting the latest trends and standards in web development to equip you with the most modern skills.

It explores tutorials on HTML, CSS, UI/UX Design, Android, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL to enhance your proficiency.

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14. Syntax

LevelUpTuts secures a spot in our compilation of the top YouTube channels for mastering website development. This channel can enhance user documentation skills and offer courses on web projects. 

It has been led by Scott Tolinski since 2012 and boasts over 750 web development and design tutorials with more than 345K subscribers. They cover various topics, including SASS, Stylus, WordPress, and the Sketch application.


Start your learning journey with LevelUpTuts to gain expertise in HTML, CSS, WordPress, React, Meteor, Sass, Drupal, and other valuable skills.

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15. Adam Khoury

With over 700 videos, Adam Khoury offers an unparalleled web development experience for online learners, having more than 190K subscribers. Improve your web development skills from basic to expert with his exceptional video tutorials. 

He is renowned for being the best in computer programming languages and graphic design. The channel distinguishes itself through its detailed technical demonstrations and step-by-step guides. 

Adam Khoury

Adam Khoury is the go-to resource if you’re ready to design like a professional. Although the channel is somewhat underrated in the field, the value it provides is extraordinary. 

There are various playlists for JavaScript, SQL, eCommerce Web Development, PHP, CSS, HTML, Android, ActionScript, and more to expand your skill set.

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16. Developedbyed

Developedbyed has been actively sharing compelling UI/UX designs on Figma and HTML and CSS tutorials across YouTube and the entire internet with over 900K subscribers. Dev Ed maintains his trademark approach of making learning enjoyable, ensuring an interactive experience that often brings a smile. 

The channel’s diverse content includes tutorials on prototypes and animations using tools like Figma and Adobe XD and periodic tips and advice on design.


Widely recognized and rapidly growing Web Development YouTube channel among front-end developers and UX/UX designers, Dev Ed’s content is a must explore. Delve into tutorials covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript Animations, Node.js, React, Python, and more to enhance your skill set.

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Want to learn Web Development in Hindi? 

No worry! 

Here, we listed some of the “Best YouTube channels for Web Development in Hindi.” It will ease your digital journey as these handpicked channels are tailored for Hindi-speaking learners. From coding fundamentals to advanced techniques, these channels offer insightful tutorials, practical tips, and real-world projects.

1. Code with Harry

With over 5 million subscribers, Code with Harry, hosted by Harry Bhai, is a prominent Hindi web development channel. 

This web development YouTube channel is recommended for its clarity in teaching and specialization in HTML, Python, Django, and JavaScript. He effortlessly simplifies complex concepts and makes coding accessible for beginners in Hindi. 

Code with Harry

His step-by-step tutorials cover various topics, from basic HTML to advanced Django projects. The practical, project-based approach enhances real-world application, making it easy to grasp even for those new to coding.

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2. Thapa Technical

Thapa Technical channel gained over 630K subscribers in just a few years. Specializing in front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Thapa provides hands-on projects and practical insights. 

Thapa Technical

His channel is known for its engaging teaching style and extensive coverage of web development frameworks. 

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3. WsCube Tech

Boasting more than 3 million subscribers, WsCube Tech is a prominent channel for learning web development and digital marketing for people who prefer learning in Hindi. 

Under the leadership of Bhupendra Singh, the channel covers an array of programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and more. 

WsCube Tech

What sets WsCube Tech apart is its practical, industry-focused approach, offering valuable insights into real-world applications. 

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4. Apna College

Apna College’s official YouTube channel has over 4.7 million subscribers and is one of the best open sources for web development tutorials in Hindi. 

This channel covers a range of programming languages, including C, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and more, and provides web development career growth insights. 

Apna College

Channel provides you with systematic learning at zero cost, which includes 58 videos for the web development course, 38 videos for the Java course, 10 hours-long course for C language, 226 videos course for C++, and many more courses. So, if you need a strong coding foundation and career guide from top programming educators, Apna College is the right channel. 

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5. LearnVern

With a subscriber base of 1.5 Lakh, LearnVern stands as a comprehensive online learning platform encompassing various technologies, notably web development. 

The channel provides extensive courses in Hindi, spanning subjects such as C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Android, AngularJ, Python, WordPress, and beyond.


LearnVern’s methodical approach and engaging content aligned with industry standards position it as a pioneer web development resource for numerous learners.

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6. Harshit Vashisth

Harshit Vashisth channel has more than 2.6K subscribers, and he is an experienced web developer who delivers web development tutorials in Hindi. 

Focused on CSS, JAVA, HTML, Python, SQL, Data Analysis, React, Node.js, and MongoDB, Harshit’s channel characterizes itself through project-based learning. 

Harshit Vashisth

His emphasis on practical knowledge with real-world examples caters to individuals aiming to construct resilient web applications.

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7. Coding Nepal 

Coding Nepal, boasting more than 200K subscribers, is a web development channel in Hindi. This channel encompasses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and assorted frameworks tutorials. 

Coding Nepal

Coding Nepal stands apart for its visually engaging tutorials, articulate explanations, and a variety of projects designed to suit a range of skill levels.

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8. Tech Gun 

Tech Gun is a YouTube channel for all the people who want to learn to code in Hindi with more than 180K subscribers. 

It provides you with programming tutorials with industry-based project references so that you not only learn the language but also create something good out of it and gain practical knowledge.

Tech Gun

Tech Gun is famous for its non-stop Hindi programming tutorials, including 5 hours of tutorials for HTML, 9 hours for CSS, 16 hours for JavaScript, 3 hours of WordPress website development tutorials, and so on.  

Apart from that, ReactJS, Bootstrap, JQuery, and blog website-making tutorials are available on this Web Development YouTube channel. 

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CODE4EDUCATION is an underrated web development YouTube channel for Hindi medium students and college goers. This channel will help you build a strong base of programming and various coding languages such as React, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It has more than 33K subscribers on the platform.


It provides separate videos for the most frequent errors and mistakes while coding for real-world applications. 


Web development is paramount for shaping the digital world and modern economics. Many Hindi and English Web Development YouTube channels provide invaluable free tutorials, bridging language gaps and making web development accessible to global audiences. 

People who can’t afford costly courses or degrees can easily access these open sources and achieve their goals. These platforms empower coding enthusiasts and foster a collaborative and innovative young community that will significantly contribute to developing future technologies. 


Can I learn web development from YouTube?

While numerous resources are spread across YouTube, you need to go the extra mile and put valuable effort into finding the right channel that fits your learning needs and skill level. However, a random YouTube tutorial might not be relevant as it presents content for all kinds of audiences so that you can choose the best one from the above list. Step-by-step structured coding tutorials by expert tutors are the best way to learn web development free of cost. 

Is 2 months enough to learn web development?

The time required to learn web development varies based on individual commitment, educational background, formal experience, and which level of expertise you want. However, some YouTube channels and affordable online courses teach you web development in a structured manner, so if you want to learn only the basics, then this time is enough. 

But if you want to excel in web development or learn a range of coding languages, 2 months is not enough. 

Can I learn web development at 25?

Yes, it’s never too late to learn web development! Whether you’re 25 or 30, individuals of any age can start learning web development. Many successful developers began their journeys later in life. 

The key is dedication, consistent learning, and practice. The tech industry values skills and knowledge, and there’s a growing demand for web developers.

Are web developers and designers still in demand?

Absolutely, Yes! With the increasing digitalization of businesses and the demand for online presence, skilled web developers and web designers are in high demand across various industries that manage their businesses via websites and other web functions.

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