Which Businesses Benefits From Local SEO Practices? 

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Whether you have a small Chartered Accounting firm or building a huge real estate business in a vibrant city area, SEO is a term you must know to soar the competitive advantage. 

Is Local SEO different from usual SEO? Yes, because it includes search queries of local people, their values, requirements, buying patterns, and how they communicate.

In a world where 7.1 billion people use mobile phones, it becomes important for businesses to optimize their SEO strategies so locals can seamlessly find them and buy products.

Today, people plan their dinners at restaurants that have all the information right from the menu, operational timings, pet friendliness, LGBTQ status, and whatnot!

This perfectly describes How the Google Business profile needs to be updated with relevant and authentic information for establishing your online presence. 

From GBP to content optimization, and link building, you’ll learn about all the factors that affect local SEO. 

If you are keen to know the brighter and profitable side of SEO that is developed for locals, here is a comprehensive guide created just for you!

What is Local SEO?

In simple words, local SEO is a method to enhance a website’s traffic using local searches. 

Through local SEO, your business can improve organic traffic from searches done by customers from immediate areas. 

So when customers search for any product or service, the foremost results will be businesses near the users. 

What is the Purpose of Local SEO?

If you order a burger and want to get it delivered to your workplace, you’ll get search results from businesses that are near your office.

Likewise, you’ll find a different list when you order the same burger from your home. And that’s the effect of local SEO. 

Local search is not a new lingo in the world of digital marketing. It has been with us for years, but as people were using desktop computers earlier, the results were not accurate. 

Currently, we have mobile phones enabled with GPS, which has dramatically changed the buying and selling experience. 

Being a local business, you can appear at the top of search results with organic search results and a map pack. 

A robust online presence can lead to higher traffic and more inquiries, increasing the conversion rate, eventually helping the business grow exponentially. 

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When you want to run a local business, these are some of the factors of local SEO that you must consider;

1. Practice Local Keyword Research

It is the process of exploring keywords that people generally search for.

For example – Salon near me or the best pizza in Delhi NCR. 

Local keywords are more crucial as they reflect exactly what your customers seek. 

Therefore, as a business owner, you must optimize the right local keywords to increase organic traffic & reach. 

Moreover, these keywords have the potential to generate website traffic & instant inquiries. 

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2. Create Google Business Profile 

Previously famous Google My Business has now changed its name to Google Business Profile. 

Most entrepreneurs use it because it is free of cost, and to have a digital presence, it becomes crucial to create Google Business Profile.

Either you can claim the business shown in the search results or Google Maps, or you can create a separate business profile to get started. 

These are some of the common benefits of Google Business Profile; 

  •  When you have a well-optimized GBP, more people can reach you through Google Maps and Local Pack.
  •  GBP can help pull local traffic as it has all the relevant information like phone number, address, business hours, and directions.
  •  GBP has all the information like address, phone number, website, reviews, and photos, increasing the business’s credibility. 
  •  Google Business profile provides indispensable insights, allowing you to fetch information like what your customers are searching for, their actions, location, and more. 
  •  It lets you post updates like events, posts, and news directly to your profile, keeping your customers engaged in your business. 
  •  Customers can send direct messages to businesses, allowing easy communication and faster bookings. 
  •  GBP can also be a versatile tool for bookings and reservations, so businesses like hotels, salons, and restaurants can directly accept requests from customers.

If you want to create a strong online presence, and local visibility, creating a Google Business profile becomes essential. 

3. Emphasize Online Reviews & Ratings for Local SEO

We are living in a world of 5-star reviews.

Most people purchase a product by reading reviews. And you’ll also hear from your food delivery guy to give him 5 stars on ratings, as it will also impact his overall pay. 

It is precise to say that online reviews greatly impact consumers’ buying patterns. And the same goes for buying locally. 

The number of reviews, the speed of reviews, the rating system, the diversity of sites, the authority of people who put reviews, and the platforms where the reviews are posted hold great impact across organic and local pack results. 

When talking about link building, our main focus has always been to gauge authoritative domains to link back to our growing business websites, so we create ample links to serve the purpose. 

We all know the truth – link building is not at all easy when no one knows you. 

Moreover, it is important to know the relevancy of the links. 

Local links are created to promote your business in the local surroundings. 

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5. Develop Local Content

Optimizing your pages as per the local terms is the foremost step to boosting local content strategy. 

Keyword research is paramount to finding the exact terms used in the local market. 

Furthermore, it is crucial to optimize your content page as it signals Google and users about your business which is present locally. 

SEO specialists also suggest writing about local trends, business updates in the area, and about local events to draw the attention of locals.

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In a world where customers are constantly looking for products and services online, most businesses are in dire need of SEO to upgrade brand recognition. 

But do all brands require local SEO?

If you own a business in 2023, you must take advantage of local SEO. 

But certain industries can leverage local SEO better than others

Want to know which businesses can leverage local SEO? 

Let’s have a look at some of the prominent industries; 

1. Restaurants

Restaurants can immensely benefit from local SEO strategies as it allows them to enhance visibility, entice local customers, and drive foot traffic to their physical place. 

Whether big or small, restaurant businesses can attract customers by following local SEO practices.


Most people make their weekend dining plans by checking the restaurant’s availability on Google. 

It also includes the status of the crowd in a restaurant (more/less) and the new menu they have launched for the weekend. 

Through local SEO, the restorers are able to create a unique menu that entices the customers who live nearby. 

Let’s see how restaurants can leverage local SEO;

Local SEO assists the restaurants to appear at the top of SERPs, so when users use keywords like “chinese restaurant near me” or “best sushi near me”, they will immediately get results. 

Positive reviews and ratings on Google or Yelp can improve a restaurant’s reputation, enabling them to reach more customers. 

Use local keywords like “Italian restaurant in New York.” You must also address the local search queries to rank higher in local search results.

As many people search for restaurants from their mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website can encourage potential customers to explore your place.

Restaurants can promote local events and offer to grab the attention of local audiences.

Google Map Integration is super necessary to help customers locate your restaurant. 

Having lots of positive reviews and an updated online menu can help customers choose you from your competitors. 

Collaborating with local influencers or food bloggers can generate buzz for your restaurant in a local community. 

With the demand for voice search queries rising, create a restaurant website that is optimized for Voice search to cater to local searches. 

Obtaining links from local websites and directories is vital to boost your local SEO authority.

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2. Professional Services

Your website is your new address, and most people will recognize your brand on the basis of it.

Companies that work in a domain like IT, financing, or accounting mostly require their target customers to be based in the same location.


Creating a robust website and running local SEO to target relevant audiences is significant if you want to excel in the professional service industry. 

Here’s how professional service businesses can take advantage of local SEO;

You can publish guides and blogs to improve SEO that address local issues, topics, and trends related to the service industry. 

It is advisable to implement local schema markup on your website to assist the search engine in understanding your business services and accurate location. 

You must create location-specific pages to cater to multiple business locations. 

As a business owner, you must collaborate with local businesses, attend local events, and engage in community initiatives to expand your network. 

Make sure you monitor the performance of your SEO efforts by using the best SEO tools like Google Analytics. 

By implementing these local SEO strategies, professional service businesses can expand their reach and connect with potential customers, leading to substantial growth and success. 

3. Real Estate

Local SEO plays a vital role in the real estate industry as people nowadays predominantly rely on online search engines to find a suitable property, and once they like a home’s picture, neighborhood, and location, they only visit the house physically.

The real estate industry can enhance its reputation and reach audiences through local SEO in several ways. Here are the top benefits of using local SEO for real estate business;


Buyers and sellers search for properties in a specific location, so you can reap its benefits when your business is in a higher position.

By optimizing your real estate website and listings for local keywords, you can attract more leads from people searching for homes in such specified locations. 

Being a renowned real estate business owner, you must provide valuable insights of the local market, property trends, neighborhood guides, news, and tips by real estate experts. 

Claiming and optimizing your Google Business profile is a game changer for real estate professionals, as most people looking to buy or sell their homes rely on search engines. 

Ensure the contact information, business hours, Testimonials are updated to create a better connection with the people. 

By utilizing local SEO effectively, real estate businesses can establish a strong online presence within their target location, attract more potential buyers and sellers, and ultimately boost sales and revenue.

4. Medical

For essential services like medical, most individuals prefer local practitioners. 

Medical service providers can take advantage of SEO strategies to improve their online presence, attract local patients, and establish trust within their community.


Below are some tactics to optimize your local SEO for the medical industry.

Claim and optimize your GBP with accurate and upgraded information, including medical practice names, business hours, phone numbers, and services you offer. 

Create informative and valuable content related to the healthcare industry, local health events, and medical news that address the needs and concerns of the local audiences. 

It is vital to create individual profiles for medical practitioners and optimize them for local searches, including their qualifications, expertise, and patient reviews. 

Don’t forget to inform your patients to comment on your business profile. 

By implementing these tactics, you can connect with the local patients and build a reputation within the community, leading to increased patient appointments and retention. 

5. Hospitality and Tourism

SEO strategies can help your hospitality and tourism business generate leads while driving traffic and building brand image. 

Moreover, travelers often rely on search engines to find places, accommodations, and services in specific locations. 


Let’s see how local SEO positively impacts the tourism and hospitality industry;

If you have a tourism company, organizing your website’s content with location friendly keywords would make a huge impact.

You can mention the name of your city or region, including tourist spots and relevant terms that most travelers use while searching for hotels or the best destinations in the city. 

To leverage the advantage of terrific traffic, make sure your business name, address, phone, and contact details are consistent among all platforms. 

Photos and videos are paramount in developing trust among travelers, so ensure the images are relevant and high-quality. 

Positive reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor can entice travelers to reach your business in spite of competition. 

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What are the Factors that Influence the Impact of Local SEO?

Let’s learn about all the significant factors that affect local SEO.

Proximity of the Business

The proximity of your business to the user who raised the query determines a lot about your business ranking in the search engine.

For instance, if the user is looking for any service or product that you have, but you are far away from their location, the chances of your business showing in the top results become minimal. 

Make sure your business contact information is updated and consistent across various platforms. 

When the customer has all the information, they are likely to trust the business and connect with it without hassles. 

On-Page Behavior

People interacting with your brand positively impacts your rank on search engines. 

Site administrators can review the user’s behavior through Google Analytics. 

Click-through Rate – It is the frequency at which people click on your website compared to your competitors.

When more people click on your website’s page, it means your business is relevant to them; it also helps the page to appear in the search results.

Bounce Rate – When people leave the website immediately, it means they haven’t found anything relevant or qualitative.  

User’s Time On Page – There are instances where people stay longer; the reasons could be various, like quality image, valuable content & seamless user experience. 

Direction Clicks – Google notices that if people visit any business right after checking the business page, the business might seem reliable.

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The search engine’s algorithm will change with time, so business must evolve at a fast pace.

Have you noticed that everyone has different search results based on their location, browsing history, and choice of content that they specifically consume? This is because of the personalization factor. 

Moreover, brands also leverage voice search for an impeccable experience for the users. 

Create a personalized keyword strategy by including long-tail keywords to increase local traffic to your website. 

High Competition in the Industry

When the industrial competition is high, more businesses will be targeting the same phrases and keywords.

Therefore, it becomes more challenging to balance your ranking on SERPs. 

The cost of SEO efforts may increase along with using multiple tactics to enhance user experience.

You should offer exceptional products and services and deliver a flawless user experience to beat the competition.  

To uplift your local SEO strategies and increase visibility, here are some well-curated strategies that you can implement; 

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

As Google verifies, shares, and supports local businesses, it will reward any business with a sidebar space in Google’s local search.

Make sure your Google Business profile is updated with relevant operating hours and contact information, enabling your customers to find you within a few taps. 

Claim Your Business Listings on Local Directories

Most potential customers rely on local directories to find the companies to avail products and services; therefore, your chances of getting noticed remain higher. 

Errors in the phone number, misspellings, or errors in addresses can turn down more users. 

Search engines like clear information across various search engines, and it also review how users interact with your brand. 

It is advisable to remove any duplicate listings and receive an external inbound link for better SEO results. 

Create Relevant and High-Quality Content

The website’s content plays a pivotal role in increasing the brand’s value in the competitive business arena. 

Specify the street name, landmarks, services, and everything that makes the user’s buying experience smooth. 

Make sure the content is engaging and has a familiar tone toward locals.

You can conduct local keyword research and integrate these keywords into metadata, body text, and the page’s URL. 

Give prominence to local news and events for better reach.

Get Positive Reviews from Your Customers

In the modern era, online reviews are powerful as word of mouth.

Customers can easily rate their experience with the products and services, opening room for improvement.

Always reply and comment back to your customers, whether their reactions are positive or negative. 

Handle reviews with grace and dignity as they directly impact your brand. 

Encourage customers to leave reviews right after their purchase and also send them emails with a friendly tone of how special they are for you. 

When customers feel good about their buying experience, they will give positive feedback, which can lead to more conversions. 

Get ready to give refunds when a customer is unsatisfied with the service. 

Voice search technology is a recent technology that immensely affects local SEO.

To crack the hidden code of Google Assistant, you can enhance the local SEO and also optimize the content for Local Pack.

Pro tip – Use simple & relevant content on your website so that when people raise such voice queries, your page comes up. 

Being a local business owner, you must take advantage of other businesses that are in geographical proximity.

You can create a huge community by including links from authoritative websites that share similar goals. 

Build connections and ask key industry players to link to your website.

This is a sure-shot formula to gather high-quality backlinks, enabling Google to know about your website. 

Furthermore, brands use link-building tools and reach out to other brands that have no direct competition with them. 

Review Your Website’s Health

Missing title tags, broken links, and intricate internal links can affect your rankings adversely.

You can also take local SEO audits to see where your website stands and how you can quickly achieve your goals. 

Many SEO audit tools are present online that can specify all the errors and larger fixes.

Let’s have a recap of what we learned about the ways to improve local SEO with an infographic below:

What are the Ways to Improve Local SEO

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Local SEO strategy is entirely different from usual SEO strategies as here we target the locals who carry a unique thought process, buying patterns and unique terminology.

The proximity of the business, local content, and the requirements of the local audience play a key role in determining the SEO of a local business.

To stay ahead of the competition, you must monitor the local search rankings, optimize your strategies, and track analytics. 

We hope this guide will help you expand your local SEO knowledge and offer practical tactics to enhance SEO for your business. 

Thank you for staying up with us!


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